MRS 2000 and CelGen Review

Hey Folks,
Now we get down to my favorite PEMF devices – the most effective and the “Best bang for the Buck”.
That’s what we want to know isn’t it? What is the bottom line with this complicated stuff…?
Well I will lay it out right here.
CelGen is a PEMF device that recharges the body using micro current pulses electrically.

CelGen micro current PEMF device

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Achieve Energy Balance and Equilibrium at the Cellular Level
The CelGen is based on the knowledge and technologies of Nicola Tesla and other researchers. Tesla theorized that since the building blocks (cells) of the body are energetic and bioelectric in nature, the addition of energy would enable the cells to operate as they were designed. As with any electrical machine, if sufficient energy is not available the machine will not function properly. For example, a flashlight will not shine as it is supposed to when the batteries are low. Your body is just such an electrical machine; the stress and the daily grind of life robs your body of it’s natural energy.
According to the research done by Dr. Robert Becker, a pioneer in discovering the nature and functioning, Becker found that healthy cells possess an electrical potential across the cell membrane that is equivalent to 70 – 110 millivolts. This is a biological fact and can be found in any basic textbook. Older or unhealthy cells possess a membrane potential of only about 50 – 65 millivolts. Malignant cells have an even lower potential, approaching 10 – 15 millivolts. This membrane potential is what cells use to perform their daily activities of nutrient absorption and waste removal. Cells which possess the normal, 70 millivolt potential perform these activities with the greatest efficiency. CelGen delivers the natural energy needed to bring all of the body’s cells to their normal membrane potential. Because of the nature of the CelGen’s energy delivery, all cell membrane potential are raised to normal in a simultaneous and sequential manner which is key to the amazing results achieved.
Your cells use the Energy to:
  • Metabolize normally.
  • Remove toxins more quickly.
  • Increase the cell’s rate of nutrient absorption.
  • Facilitate rapid cellular repair.
  • Increase trans-membrane electrical potential.
  • Cellular synchronization.
  • The electrical has another added benefit, in that it also kills pathogens.
The MRS 2000 PEMF Device
MRS 2000 PEMF Device

MRS 2000 PEMF Device

Only $2895.00 - Best Feature Set and more powerful than competition!

Frequency: .5 – 25 Hz Sinusoidal w/ Sawtooth Carrier Signal Waveform (full body mat),
squarewave on pad and probe.
Intensity: ~0 – 70 uT (starts at picotesla range 10^-12)
Cost: Starts at $2895.00 + Tax
Includes: computer, full body mat, small pad and probe (MED SET ONLY)- Light-Sound Machine optional
Warranty: Best of Any Company – Solid 3 Year Unconditional Warranty.MRS 2000 is a magnetic PEMF device.
*Bottom line – The bodies cells need to be charged to 70 millivolts to operate properly.
This can be accomplished by electrical or magnetic means.
I believe the MRS 2000 is the best PEMF device for a number of reasons, most of all it works great for my back pain. I sleep better and have more energy during the day. No more foggy days.
This top PEMF device covers all the bases: Frequency, Waveform, Changing frequencies at various times of day, and more.
Also, it’s THE CLOSEST to Nature in frequency and intensity. That is, the earths average magnetic field is about 50 uT (microtesla) and the MRS uses intensities very close to this strength. It also has six individual coils with increasing strength towards the feet.
The MRS 2000 is the ONLY device that has a picotesla setting. This is a critical option needed for people that are chemically sensitive.
Additionally, The MRS 2000 offers a pure magnetic field from the current loops (no wire mesh used).
Plus, the MRS 2000 switches polarity every two minutes so you don’t become acclimated to the signal.
AND, the MRS uses weak pulsing fields in the frequency range of .5 to 25 Hz which is in harmony with the Earth’s natural frequencies.
The MRS 2000 additionally contains a biorhythm clock so you run the appropriate frequency program for the time of day. So you are energized early in the day and relaxed in the evening. No other PEMF device has this option.
Finally of all the machines I have tried (including other energy medicine devices), the MRS 2000 is the easiest to use. AND It is very well made in Germany with a solid THREE Year warranty.
Conclusion, the MRS 2000 is my top choice for BEST PEMF because it works, the company has good research, and it is hands down the closest to nature. “Comprehend and Copy Nature”…Thats what the MRS 2000 does beautifully.
  • It was properly engineered to help the body heal itself
  • It contains the powerful applicator “probe” for healing certain body parts
  • It has a Biorhythm Clock
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Its intensities are the closest to nature with a pure magnetic field from the current loops.
  • Its frequencies are the closest to nature, your brain-states and what the human body is capable of safely absorbing
  • Switches Polarity every two minutes
  • 6 individuals coils giving stronger fields at the feet and weaker fields towards the head. Its the only unit with the option to add a light and sound machine integrated to the unit.

PEMF Device Repairs and Bemer 3000 Review

Ever since I designed the Celgen MicroCurrent PEMF Platform back in 1995, folks have been asking me if I can fix their other units.

I’m talking every kind of PEMF Mat, Microcurrent – TENS, and almost every new piece of equipment that comes out of Germany.

So yes… we can and will repair any PEMF device for you that is (out of warranty), such as:

1) MRS 2000
2) Bemer 3000
3) QRS – Quantron Resonance System
4) Magnopro
5) PER 2000 – Pulsed Energy Replenisher
6) Celgen Micro-Current Platform
7) and others – just ask

Here is a quick review of the Bemer 3000
Bemer 3000
:  3.5 – 35 uT
Cost:  $3400 for Bemer 3000 Plus
Comes With:  computer, full body mat, small applicator box, travel bag and towel.
Warrantee: 2 years

This Swiss made PEMF device uses a patented complex sinusoidal waveform which is the secret behind it’s effectiveness.
It runs this waveform at 33Hz, this frequency is in the high Beta Brainstate region which  would tend to give you more energy.
So I would suggest using the Bemer 3000 in the mornings or afternoons as it might tend to keep you awake if used after 6PM.

Some claim that a sawtooth waveform is the only way to go, but I disagree, if one has the proper complex sine waves created by trial and error in the lab, it could be much more effective than sawtooth. If  Bemers excellent customer feedback is any indication, I believe they have it.

My own experience with the Bemer is that it is very effective. I use mine for chronic back pain which feels better in just 20 minutes. I recommend it for people who want quick solid results.

A couple of negatives:

1) It does not switch polarity as others do.
2) It’s portable applicator is not very effective, I like the MRS 2000 Probe better in this regard.