3 New Wellness Technologies – Molecular Hydrogen, Bi-polar Air Ionization & Polarized Light

by | May 12, 2021 | Wellness Technologies

Things have been drastic in many places around the world, with the 2nd wave hitting in some countries and it seems the damage is much higher than the first. The atmosphere is tense and sadness is unavoidable when the bad news is about a family or a friend. Many mistakes are being made, and one of the biggest mistakes in our opinion is the complete disregard to the bioelectric function of the body and ignorance of natural health solutions. 

However, if you’re reading this, I think you’re not one of those. You do understand the power of healing with electromagnetic fields and can understand research and science much more than news hosts or politicians.

On this note, we set about the task of finding trying other wellness technologies which have solid research and are close to elemental forces of nature. While PEMF will get you up to a great point in recovery and immunity, having more will never hurt, and many times these solve problems that PEMF would otherwise take longer to solve or simply not be able to reach effectively.

Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the lightest molecule and makes up more than 90% of all atoms and three quarters of the universe itself.

Hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen-rich water are well known in the wellness research and biohacking communities since more than a decade now. However, as many wellness technologies, the research was not getting the funding and attention it deserved. Now though, there is some great data about the effectiveness of this technology for many many conditions. There has been amazing amount of research on molecular hydrogen and as per the available data, there could be benefits for the respiratory, cardio, nervous, digestive, reproductive, urinary and motor systems, perhaps because it works directly on cellular longevity. 

To see for ourselves, we’ve been trying different molecular hydrogen systems and found these two machines to have the best set of features and authenticity. After months of hard work we found the best technology and bring these two systems for our customers – one is light-weight (1 KG) and the other is a full power (11 Kg) molecular hydrogen system. Both provide hydrogen-rich water and molecular hydrogen inhalation.

Bipolar Ionization & Salt Therapy Air Purification

Bipolar ionization is an excellent indoor air purifier that filters air by absorbing impurities and attacks bacteria and viruses with negative ions. The result is less odor and fresh air. There is also news that it can be used to disinfect the air to a very high level.

Bipolar ionization involves using electricity to draw air inside the air purifier passing it through its specifically designed electrodes. The air pollutants are collected by this built-in electrode system.

The cleaned air is then passed through a saline filter. This allows you to not only purify air using an advanced negative ion technology but also enjoy the full benefits of dry salt inhalation or halo therapy.

Polarized Light Therapy Lamp

Natural light is non-polar and spreads in all directions.  Visible light can be broken down into numerous electromagnetic frequencies, and frequency relates to a color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, etc. Since ancient times there has been therapeutic use of visible light spectrum.

A polarized light therapy lamp produces polarized light by absorbing some of the light from the visible spectrum and selectively allowing a particular wavelength to pass through.

Broad, visible spectrum PLT differs from other forms of phototherapy as it uses a much wider range of wavelengths than other modalities such as, LLLT or UV. Consequently, the devices used in PLT are generally less expensive and relatively easy to use. Read this research review to learn about the benefits of PLT.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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