Who can use PEMF Therapy?

by | May 11, 2017 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy is beneficial for all living beings including plants, animals and human beings. There is nothing but benefit if you tune-up your cells to perform better.

We believe that more than a million people worldwide are using PEMF devices. The range of application is huge and so also the demographics of its users. Writers, musicians, sports & fitness professionals have reported amazing performance improvements and recovery effects while seniors and those suffering from chronic pain, sleep problems and a range of neurological issues have reported relief and longevity enhancing effects.

Therefore PEMF therapy should in most cases help you. You will definately note an improvement in your sleep and well being if PEMF is applied regularly. You will feel younger and more active too due to its energy enhancing effects, specially with whole-body PEMF systems.

It’s a safe technology, users report using it for even 10 years with no side-effects and continued benefit with long-term use. Olympics athletes have reported upto 20% improvement in stamina and these are bodies that are very already well-tuned to recover.

But like everything else in life, one size does not fit all. Magnetic Fields are naturally occuring phenomena and everyone also has a different metabolic system. Folks tend to look for it to provide pain relief, muscle or bone stimulation, or better sleep, so this results in varying requirements with respect to the pulsed electromagnetic field frequency and also the strength of pulsating magnetic field.

Thus it’s important to understand the effects of different frequencies and also different strengths. People report using lower strength devices on a long-term basis for inexpensive and yet effective PEMF therapy. This website is dedicated to help you find the best possible PEMF device that would work for your requirement. Almost all PEMF devices on this website come with a 30 day trial period during which time the PEMF device can be tried, some of them may charge a restocking fees, but then that would still be cheaper than paying for a single session at a clinic. This also gives more time to assess and experiment to see what PEMF frequency and amplitude work best for you.

Please refer to contraindications from the manufacturer before using a PEMF system. PEMF devices differ in intensities, so there could be contraindications specific to the system being utilized. In most cases, its not recommended to use PEMF during pregnancy and if there are any magnetic or ferromagnetic implants in the area of effect of the PEMF device.

It’s unwise to try anything not recommended by a professional, so practice caution and always start with lowest amplitudes and work your way up. Most of the good PEMF brands have great customer support and user documentation to help you get the most out of your PEMF therapy system.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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