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Compare PEMF machines based on features and reviews. We cover the entire spectrum including wearable and local application PEMF devices, PEMF Mats and high-intensity PEMF machines. All these pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices ship internationally and have high customer satisfaction ratings. We also have some great package deals for you!

All PEMF therapy machines listed below have reviews as well as we’ve presented the machine’s features and specs in detail on the product page. You can find an insight into each product’s support ecosystem along with warranty, shipping and servicing to help you decide on PEMF device for yourself, a loved one or a client. 

Read our PEMF guide titled, “Which PEMF therapy device would work best for you?” to learn what the comparative features mean.


PEMF Mats allow targeting a larger area of the body, such as the back or the entire body. The intensity required for a whole-body treatment is usually lower than localized PEMF devices. PEMF mats have several PEMF coils inside them, and each of them produce PEMFs at quoted intensities. So the effective amount of PEMF energy is much higher than the maximum intensity quoted which is for a point on the mat. PEMF mats such as the OMI Full body PEMF Mat have several coils in them, while the Big Magic PEMF mat has a single long coil design, both designs ensure good field intensity at all points on the mat.

A PEMF mat is great for treating the entire body and improves circulation and recovery substantially within a few days, weeks or months depending on your condition, intensity and duration of use. 

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Wearable and Local Application PEMF Devices

Wearable PEMF devices and hand-held PEMF products allow treating local areas such as joints (elbows, wrists, shoulders, knees, lower back, brain, face, etc. These generally cost lesser than PEMF mats. Most of these PEMF devices can be applied at all times including  sleep-tim, while working or relaxing.

Information about PEMF products:

PEMF devices are safe, however just as any other wellness technology, users must be aware of the side-effects and contraindications.

Time taken to find noticeable effects and benefits depends on the usage (duration) and the device itself. PEMF mats work well to cover large areas and muscles, while the wearable PEMF devices offer a stronger field suitable to reach joints or deeper inside.

There are several benefits of PEMF therapy based on clinical research. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy mats and devices in general work best when applied long-term, regularly at home. Therefore, visiting PEMF clinics nearby may not be the best use of your time and money. However, getting educated from a PEMF doctor near you may help you understand PEMF therapy. Do note that it’s usually impossible to find best results from a PEMF system in a single session or even a few short sessions, this is especially true for medium and low intensity PEMF devices. At such intensities, significant recovery is possible and is more natural, but this happens with sustained use. 

So go ahead and explore the PEMF systems on our website. We’ve posted the reviews we received on the product pages as well as outlined the unique features on every PEMF machine posted here. All PEMF systems listed here ship worldwide. We also offer bulk order pricing, practitioner pricing and referral programs. 

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