Difference between PEMF devices and Electrotherapy Products (TENS, EMS, IF)

by | Mar 11, 2018 | PEMF Therapy

Following article will highlight the key difference between PEMF machines and Electrotherapy products.

PEMF devices utilize almost the same equipment as all other Electrotherapy products albeit with a powerful technology upgrade of using pulsed electromagnetic fields rather electric currents for stimulation, enabling deeper healing.

PEMF devices employ low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields while all other electrotherapy stims such as muscle stimulators, EMS, IF units, TENS units and microcurrent therapy products use electrical currents. This makes them different in terms of action potentials or effects and benefits. Magnetic fields face no resistance from the tissues in the way that electric fields do. Electric fields will also follow the path of least resistance and therefore they would also not be able to stimulate a region as effectively as PEMFs.

When you use a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF machine, it also works for brain stimulation and also has effects on the mitochondrial level. With PEMF, it’s possible to have an improvement in auto-immune response and anti-aging effects due to enhanced cellular oxygenation. Also there are many benefits of PEMF which are simply incomparable to electric stimulation which has more limitations.

Electric stimulation is the application of low power electrical current to the peripheral nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Electrotherapy stim units work primarily for pain relief and in most cases, the benefits are temporary. Electric Stim products are designed to target specific pain areas and function on a more mechanical and temporary basis as compared to PEMF which has a much more rejuvenating effects. For example, one can stimulate the whole-body with PEMF using a PEMF mat and do it regularly during sleep, treating the entire system and finding hormonal balance. Try to find an electric stim or TENS machine that works that way!

The idea is to not to amp out! Learn about your nutrient deficiencies, make necessary changes to diet or supplementation and apply PEMF with a good understanding to enhance cellular capability, resulting in more resilient cell-function and indeed well-being and recovery. Similarly, for targeting specific areas, which is the primary use case of Electrotherapy involving electric stimulators, PEMF can be used quite effectively as well without the shocks. It’s indeed a next-generation compared to Electrotherapy technology, which involves Electromagnetic Fields rather than currents. Our cells are better adapted to respond to magnetic stimulation rather than electric stimulation.

The only thing PEMF can’t do and electric can is zap infections, although the same is achievable with a very high-intensity PEMF system or using biomagnetic pairing with static magnetic field therapy. Rife machine is what was used for blood electrification to kill viruses, although we also find that Vacuum UV light can be quite effective for issues close to the skin.

The chart below showcases the technological advancement of PEMF over rest of the Electrotherapy products.

Electrotherapy DevicesPEMFTENS UnitsEMSTENS + EMSMicrocurrents
ModalityPulsed Electromagnetic FieldsTranscutaneous Electrical nerve stimulationElectrical muscle stimulationCombination Electric Stim DevicesBob Beck, Rife, Etc
Amplitude RangeUpto 0.0006 mA1-100 mA1 – 200 mA1 – 200 mAUpto 4500ma
Bone & Joints Pain Relief
Bone & Joints Re-building
Mental Wellness
Muscle Strengthening
Blood Circulation
Kill Parasites in the Body
Blood Oxygenation
Muscle Toning
Support Neurological Conditions

How Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinics can adopt PEMF

The implications of this knowledge for physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, neurologists and indeed any wellness practitioners are huge. PEMF is still not as widely used as TENS and it’s several modalities. Med spas and wellness clinics that offer Electrotherapy services should strongly consider adding PEMF to their protocol.

Most reputed PEMF brands offer training and research support to practitioners.  Although, it should be noted from user reviews of PEMF devices such as the OMI Pads, MagnaWave or MiraMate Big Magic that indeed PEMF can deliver astounding results by home-use as well. Starting with low power and gradually increasing the intensity and duration according to individual sensitivity is the most economical and sure-shot way of deriving best results from PEMF therapy. Physiotherapy or chiropractic clinics could utilize a high-intensity PEMF system for clinical treatments and provide a home-use system on rental or referral basis to their clients.

There is a lot of development in the field of Electrotherapy and it is important for care providers to stay updated so they can enable their patients with the best solutions. Practitioners can easily experiment and promote PEMF tech to their clients.


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