Following article will highlight the key difference between PEMF devices and Electrotherapy products.

PEMF devices utilize almost the same equipment as all other Electrotherapy products albeit with a powerful technology upgrade of using pulsed electromagnetic fields rather electric currents for stimulation, enabling deeper healing.

PEMF devices employ low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields while all other electrotherapy stims such as Muscle Stimulators, EMS, IF units, TENS units and Microcurrent therapy products use either electric currents or very high high frequencies or both. This makes completely different in terms of effects as well.

When you use a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF device it has effects on the brain and also on the mitochondrial level. This results in an enhanced auto-immune response and longevity of it’s user.

On the other hand Electrotherapy stim units work primarily for pain relief and in most cases it is temporary and has no mitochondrial effect. Electrotherapy is the application of low power electrical current to the peripheral nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

It should be noted that animal research1 finds that above 20 Hz stimulation results in detrimental effects. So that’s the reason that most electric devices can never be used more than 30 mins to a hour each day, not even daily or long-term. PEMF, on the other hand, tuned below 20 Hz, usually under 10 Hz for most cases is more conducive to whole body healing. Electric Stim products usually target specific pain areas and function on a more mechanical and temporary basis as compared to PEMF which has a much more rejuvenating effects.

The idea is to not to amp out! Learn about your nutrient deficiencies, make necessary changes to diet or supplementation and then use PEMF to enhance cellular capability, resulting in stronger cells themselves. Similarly, for targeting specific areas, which is the primary use case of Electrotherapy involving electric stimulators, PEMF can be used quite effectively as well without the shocks. It’s indeed a next-generation Electrotherapy technology, which involves Electromagnetic Fields rather than currents. Our cells are better adapted to respond to electromagnetic stimulation rather than electric.

The only thing PEMF can’t do and electric can is zap infections. Electric is much better for that, and even there it’s not the popular Electrostims like TENS or EMS that are used. Rife machine is what was used for blood electrification to kill viruses. This was met with strong resistance from the market as medication would be unnecessary if this treatment got into wide spread use.

The chart below showcases the technological advancement of PEMF over rest of the Electrotherapy products. Microcurrent devices made with Rife , Bob Beck  or Robert O Becker applications are the only ones have game changing features that PEMF devices don’t.

Difference between PEMF devices and Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy Devices PEMF Devices TENS Units EMS Devices TENS + EMS Microcurrents
Modality Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation Electrical muscle stimulation Combination Electric Stim Devices Bob Beck, Rife, Etc
Amplitude Range Upto 0.0006 mA 1-100 mA 1 – 200 mA 1 – 200 mA Upto 4500ma
Bone & Joints Pain Relief
Bone & Joints Re-building
Mental Wellness
Muscle Strengthening
Blood Circulation
Kill Parasites in the Body
Blood Oxygenation
Muscle Toning
Support Neurological Conditions

How Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinics can adopt PEMF

The implications of this knowledge for physiotherapists, chiropractors, neurologists and indeed any wellness practitioners are huge. PEMF is still not as widely used as TENS and it’s several modalities. Many of the wellness clinics that offer Electrotherapy services should strongly consider adding PEMF to their protocol. However, since PEMF devices are very economical, the end goal would be that the clients get their own device, however at that point, the services of the clinic may no longer be needed.

Some PEMF brands are even going the old-fashioned method of developing a down-line of practitioners by offering them paid courses to help them propagate PEMF technology and in particular their products.  Although, it should be noted from user reviews from low cost PEMF devices such as the EarthPulse that indeed PEMF can deliver astounding results purely by self experimentation. Common sense, such as starting with low power and gradually increasing the intensity according to individual sensitivity and using the correct frequencies (easy reference) is the most economical and sure-shot way of deriving results from PEMF therapy.

There is a lot of development in the field of Electrotherapy and it is important for care providers to stay updated so they can enable their patients with the best solutions.

Practitioners can easily experiment and promote PEMF tech to their clients.  So wellness doctors can easily keep 2-3 systems in their clinics and provide PEMF device rental services and then when client is satisfied, just let them buy one. If you have an affiliation to a good brand like EarthPulse, MAS or FlexPulse, it’s even better as you not only get a small commission but also get access to expert level support. To sign up with these brands, just contact them through their sites.

Semenova T, Medvinskaia N, Bliskovka G, Akoev I. [Influence of electromagnetic fields on the emotional behaviour of rats]. Radiats Biol Radioecol. 2000;40(6):693-695. [PubMed]
EarthPulse, Flexpulse, Oska pulse, Biobalance PEMF devices reviews

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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