PEMF therapy machines helps Sportsmen and indeed all fitness conscious individuals feel and perform better.

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Strength & Stamina improvements from PEMF Therapy

Sleeping on the EarthPulse PEMF therapy machine during the night results in 10% peak strength and 20% stamina improvement in just 7 – 10 days. We measured strength by resistance level increase for 1 – 3 rep sets. Stamina improvement was measured by increase of reps at previous resistance level used for 10 rep sets.

In 90 days, they gain additional strength and stamina of 10% and 20% respectively due to a combination of increased training intensity and the EarthPulsePEMF machine’s sleep and recovery effects. These PEMF therapy machines can increase VO2 max by 5% in two weeks of nightly use. They also improves HRV measurements in just a few days.

This works on horses as well as it does on Jockeys, increasing the time spent sleeping while laying down. Horses love it so much they’ll lower their heads to accept the Equine PEMF machine once they’ve experienced it.

Deeper sleep contributes to some of these performance gains, but there is research that suggests pulsed electromagnetic fields and pulsed electric microcurrent at these frequencies (5 – 10 Hz) improves cell respiration by improving the efficiency of the O2 burn during both oxidative phosphorylation and Krebs cycle. The mechanisms are explained in detail here.

That being said however, I can take a college or pro baseball player to the batting cage and improve his line drive percentage 10-15% with NO sleep session; just a 15 minute session between the before and after batting cage sessions. This type of immediate effect exceeds that of tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation). tDCS therapy also has no effect on strength and stamina. Consistently deeper sleep helps no doubt, but these amounts of strength and stamina gains have previously only been been seen with banned or illegal substances.

PEMF Therapy machine to add Extra Seasons of Play to your Sports Life

For professional sportsmen getting close to retirement, the EarthPulse™ will have them recovering and performing so well it’ll add at least a few extra seasons of play, and that in itself is priceless. In addition, nothing beats the EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy machine for trauma recovery.

Used while in rehab post surgically, our rule of thumb is 2/3 less time to resolution and for pro and college level players, 50% less time spent waiting to be cleared for play. I’d bet the farm it works better than frozen banana peels 😉 but think i understand the biological activity and respect the fact that you used them.

In case you’re familiar with the expensive $20,000 costing, 20,000 gauss power PEMF therapy machines which are awesome and usually show very fast changes from the very first treatment, we offer people a system that if used at home directly on that injury all night, resolves the issue in the same amount of time (or less) without having to drag yourself to the clinic 3 or more times per week for treatment. And none of those systems can be used to enhance sleep, or report any similar effects in the realm of athletic performance enhancement.

EarthPulse™ PEMF Therapy machine for Sleep and Performance Enhancement was developed in 2001-02. It has  been further developing and selling ever since. We’ve got over 11,000 stoked clients since 2002.  Since the  v4 systems released in 2012 and for our current v5 models our return/failure rate is under 5%.

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