In 2018, many new Electrostimulation devices are available that are highly innovative and even perfected to a degree that makes them consumer usable for immediate relief from a variety of issues.

Electrostimulation mainly means using electrical stimulation delivered at a particular amplitude and frequency as well as current type, AC or DC makes a difference in the effects and penetration of the mild currents.

AC microcurrents can be used to kill parasites as per research by Dr. Bob Beck. DC Stims as originally invented by Robert O Becker can be used for rapid regeneration.

The newest entrant in the Electrostimulation device market is EarthPulse. EarthPulse is a pioneer in PEMF devices technologies and brought powerful PEMF to the masses, even before NASA research. The powerhouse continues to provide best-in-class PEMF systems to consumers worldwide.

And now in March 2018, EarthPulse has launched the EarthPulse E-Stim that provides both AC and DC settings. This configuration is a result of more than 20 years of research by it’s inventor.

Electrostimulation Device — EarthPulse E-Stim

Electrostimulation’s modern cousin — PEMF

Another big release from Nov 2017 is the latest book by a doctor on one of the most widely accepted electrostimulation modality, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

Dr. Pawluk’s book, Power Tools for Health, will teach you to how to treat new or chronic health conditions like pain, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes & and accelerate recovery from surgery using PEMF.

A variety of innovative PEMF therapy devices are available todays. Websites like have acted as a community use platform and help you compare features to choose the best one for your use case.

My recommendation would be to refer to a good book such as this one and then select the right PEMF device based on the frequency, waveform, amplitude and budget requirements.

What is the future of Electrostimulation?

For wellness and healthcare this couldn’t be a better time, with Electrostimulation industry finally be able to reach out to professionals on shoestring budgets compared to what the big manufacturers were pumping. It can be expected that wellness practitioners are spending considerable amount of time and energy analyzing different tools available today and are finally sharing their new healing methods with their clients using their experience and first hand experience.

One can image that with the advent AI and IoT, Electrostimulation device developers would start utilizing it’s true potential.

From capturing stats to providing live data feeds to practitioners, the devices have a potential to become smarter and thus be able to amplify success rate.

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