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Research review on benefits of magnetic mattress pads including neodymium magnetic mats. Insight to identify the best therapeutic magnetic mattress pads.

The best magnetic mattress pads utilize a special form of static magnetic fields known as multipolar magnetics field therapy. Pain relief effects start to kick in as soon as the fields envelope the target tissue. Such magnetic mattress pads provide pain relief effects within a few minutes. There are hardly any clinical trials on magnetic mattress pad benefits. We’re hopeful that more magnet therapy innovations receive attention in clinical research, therapeutic magnets have long been used in acupuncture and Ayurveda.

Studies have shown significant pain relief under the influence of multipolar magnetic fields. Magnetic mats, mattress pads, biomagnetic mattress toppers allow applying therapeutic magnetic fields to the entire body or large areas such as the entire upper body.

The potential for magnetic mattress pads to relieve pain and improve sleep

Benefits of magnetic mattress pads include significant reduction in pain and better sleep.

In 1999, scientists from US universities conducted a RCT on magnetic mattress pad use in patients with fibromyalgia for 16 weeks. They found that sleeping on 1100 Gauss mattress pads provided significant pain relief and sleep improvement.​1​

However, not many clinical trials and studies have been conducted to assess the efficacies and treatment possibilities with biomagnetic mats, mattress pads, mattress toppers or blankets. Most of the clinical research uses therapeutic magnets that are specially designed for particular effects. Magnetic field therapy studies have so far been conducted on pain conditions including sports injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. Many benefits have been found for joint pain conditions such as knee pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, etc. The additional benefit of lesser pain is improved sleep.

Magnetic Mattress Pad Benefits

  • Pain relief effects
    • Acute pain due to injury
    • Central pain caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction in the central nervous system (CNS)
    • Neuropathic and peripheral pain from damaged nerves
    • TMJ pain
    • Radicular pain from spinal nerve damage
    • Anti-inflammatory effects for sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
    • Peripheral pain
    • Abdominal and menstrual pain
  • Improvement in range of motion and flexibility
  • Improvement in somatic dysfunction
  • Faster wounds, post-surgical and ulcer healing

Magnetic field therapy using magnetic pads and mats can reduce pain quickly, however the pain relief experienced is due to blocking of the pain signal. In situations where nerve damage is occurring or already occurred, the healing effects can be limited to managing pain but no progress in condition reversal. Much research needs to conducted in order to study the long-term effects and more benefits of magnetic field therapy.

There are many claims made in alternative medicine modalities such as biomagnetism, acupuncture and Ayurveda including fighting infections and diseases. However, there are yet to be large scale complementary studies to bring this amazing non-invasive and natural therapy to the forefront. If the goal is to stock your Armory with powerful wellness technology, then these magnetic mattress pads are a must-have!

The contraindications and cautions for using magnetic mattress pads would be similar to PEMF contraindications and include pacemakers and electronic implants.

How do magnetic mattress pads work for pain relief?

To understand the benefits of magnetic mattress pads requires learning about the magnets used in the mattress. Studies on static magnetic field therapy have shown temporary and quick relief from many pain conditions when the right magnets are applied.

Common bipolar ceramic or neodymium magnets based mattress pads or mats would have little effect compared to multi-polar magnets that have more bioactive configuration. The most therapeutic magnets are configured to provide magnetic field gradients optimized for effects and benefits. The below article covers research studies on magnet therapy to understand what kind of therapeutic magnets are most effective The article explains the effects and benefits of magnetic field therapy based on published clinical studies.

In the research cited in above article, we know that optimized therapeutic magnets can be utilized for pain treatment, in the same way, a biomagnetic mattress pads or mats can also be applied for pain management. However the question arises, that in case of biomagnets, the devices are applied to specific points where there is pain or numbness, how then can a scattered field from a magnetic mattress topper or mat help relieve pain? The answer lies in understanding how magnetic fields propagate within the body.

The hormetic effect is what drives the field given enough intensity. Hormesis is an adaptive response of cells and organisms working by modulating stress​​. The multi-polar magnetic field stimulates molecular mechanisms that transduce energy into coherent modes of activity.  This coherent magnetic stimulation then facilitates cellular signaling pathways that reduce pain and promote inflammatory tissue healing. Biomagnetic mattress pads although not as targeted as individual therapeutic magnets can still provide good benefits along with ease and comfort of use.

Example of Hormetic effect using LLLT

It’s well established that laser therapy or photobiomodulation provides a neuroprotective effect. Animal studies have shown for instance, that Parkinson’s disease induced in mice can be significantly reduced by pre-treating with laser. ​2​ The experiments targeted the laser into the brain using photobiomodulation light with 600-1000 nm wavelength were applied.

However, neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Johnstone and his team at the University of Sydney found that they could shield the head with foil and apply the laser light to the hind-limb and still observe a positive effect​. The remote application of the laser light produces modest, yet widespread therapeutic changes in the body. This same principle, could explain the mechanism for how magnetic mattress pads such as are able to affect a larger area.

Not all neodymium magnetic mattress pads are the same

Q Magnets has been evolving magnetic field therapy research and development for pain relief in collaboration with physiotherapists, acupuncturists and neurologists since 2009. They have developed neodymium magnets for pain relief. These neodymium magnets have been optimized using multiple poles in the same magnetic device body. The field is further targeted in one direction so the devices are easy to apply by using flux-plate which directs the therapeutic magnet field to reach deeper in the body. They now offer quad-polar, hexapolar and octa-polar magnets.

The Q Blankets are neodymium magnetic mattress pads that produce an optimized multi-polar magnetic field over a large portion of the body.

magnetic mattress topper blanket therapy

Health professionals have found that night-time magnetic field therapy complements the circadian rhythm and the body’s traditional time to heal itself. To facilitate this, Q Magnets developed neodymium magnetic mattress pads with 13,500 Gauss Quadrapolar magnets. These unique magnetic mattress pads have dozens of Q Magnets which evolved over 10 years of field studies, and are a patented high-power, quick pain relief technology.

Depending on the size, 13 to 35 Q Magnets are placed in a matrix to provide the optimum circulation of equal amounts of magnetic field flow from both the north and south poles of powerful neodymium Quadrapolar rare-earth magnets. And they are encased inside the magnetic mattress pad so you won’t feel the device when you lay in bed but will surely appreciate the magnetic field.

For home users, especially sports players and those suffering with chronic pain conditions from old injuries or ageing related disorders, the Q Blankets magnetic mattress pads can provide near instant pain relief. There are reviews where some users were dependent on pain medications from more than 5 years!


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