Magnetotherapy – Magnet Therapy Origins and Current Advancements

by | Nov 21, 2020 | Wellness Technologies

Magnetotherapy is the system of treating various conditions through the application of magnetic fields. Many think of magnet therapy to be a new system but in fact it has been around since ancient times. Magnetotherapy is a simple, economical, non-invasive and an effective system with almost no side-effects or negative after-effects.

The origins or history of magnetotherapy can be traced back to 1000 BC in Atharvaveda— one of the four Vedas which discussed Vedic healing protocols. This ancient text propagates the use of magnetotherapy to stop bleeding and also for treatment of women’s health problems. Egyptians utilized therapeutic magnets for preservation of the mummies so that they did not decay in the natural course of time. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is also said to wear a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her splendid charms.

Michael Faraday discovered electricity and was the first in Europe to study magnetism. He coined the term, “magnetic field”. In the 16th century, Paracelsus I, a Swiss alchemist and physician conducted studies on magnetotherapy. He researched magnetotherapy and believed it could heal most inflammations and ulcerations, with a focus on bowels and uterus. In England, Dr. William Gilbert (1540–1600), the court physician of Queen Elizabeth I, pioneered in the scientific study of magnetism. In the 18th century, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy developed magnetotherapy devices. 

As you can see magnet therapy has been under constant development since almost 3000 years! Let us now see the latest research in magnet therapy. 

Current Advancements in Magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy has advanced considerably in the present and last century. Magnet therapy scientists from United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Japan and indeed many countries in the world have been carrying out extensive research on magnetic fields and their effects on biological systems. You can find some of the clinical research and trials on magnetic therapy or static magnetic field therapy here.

More recently, Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been under research and development. Its based on magnet therapy and in principle has similar effects as magnetotherapy on a cellular level. You can find most promising applications of PEMF for bone health, sleep improvement and depression. PEMF is more advanced and noticeably more effective in many conditions than magnetotherapy, although we do think that the latest quadrapolar, hexapolar and octapolar magnets and magnetic mattress pads by Q Magnets work quicker for pain relief. Our experience with PEMF therapy has indeed been very rewarding. You may explore the latest trends and applications of PEMF therapy in more detail in our recently published, PEMF book.

Going back to the latest advancement in magnetotherapy, we found that Q Magnets have a 1.3 Tesla or 135,000 Gauss magnetic field intensity. Frankly, we were surprised at the effects experienced, you can feel a pleasant tingling as soon as you take them in your hands! We believe Q Magnets are some of the most advanced magnetotherapy technology today which have been designed and developed by well-qualified neurologists and physiotherapists. They have been evolving magnet therapy since 2007 and continue to introduce new designs in 2020-21.

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Q Magnets stands for Quadrapolar, they also now make Hexapolar and Octapolar therapeutic magnets. The company is the world leader in multipolar magnetic therapy research and development and works with some of the pioneering magnetic field therapy scientists since 2007.

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