Although this website’s mission is to promote awareness about PEMF devices, it’s equally important that you be able to measure the experience.

We came across the ŌURA ring when we heard about some PEMF device users utilizing it to measure the impact of PEMF therapy, particularly on their sleep patterns and energy levels.

Digging deeper, we realized that it’s a great fitness tracker that not just tracks your sleep, but also your daily activity and recovery.

ŌURA is a unique fitness tracker as it’s the only wearable to utilize a pulse oximeter that measures volume of blood. With over 17 years experience in designing heart-rate monitors at Polar, ŌURA’s engineers have developed algorithms that can pinpoint the exact time between heartbeats and other physiological signals.

ŌURA combines this with data gleaned from the inbuilt accelerometer to analyse how the body reacts to certain events throughout your day.

ŌURA observes heart-rate, respiration, body temperature and movement, but instead of using EEG (brain-wave) sensors to detect sleep staging – it combines pulse volume and 3D accelerometer data to interpret stages of sleep and distinguish between light sleep, deep sleep and REM.

The ŌURA app lets you view your daily sleep and activity tracking, all via a simple and intuitive dashboard. The first time you open the ŌURA app you will be prompted to connect your ring.

As we can see, for fitness professionals, this wearable tracker can do a lot more than other more well-known fitness trackers can. Add to that, all this data is available at your finger tips using their very easy to use and highly informative cloud platform.

What is the ŌURA ring made of?

Indestructible, comfortable and smart, the ŌURA ring is made of a high-tech ceramic compound called Zirconia (ZrO2). The inside molding is a medical grade, 100% non-allergenic, nickel free, and non-metallic material that makes the ring feel very comfortable on the finger. The ring material is highly scratch resistant and waterproof to 50m /164 ft, so it is safe to wear the ring while taking a shower, a bath or during swimming. The ring can also withstand hot temperatures, so can be worn while in a sauna.

How good is the ŌURA ring for measuring effectiveness of PEMF devices?

The goal of any PEMF device is to improve the condition of the user, when it comes to sleep, performance and even pain and recovery. Since the ŌURA tracks parameters that map to these requirements its very useful, specially if you want to easily track how much  PEMF therapy is helping you.

ŌURA ring measures and analyses your body and learns about you and your lifestyle. It communicates its observations and suggestions through a mobile app. The ŌURA app visualizes the measured data, providing you with personalized recommendations. It delivers clear textual message flow showing the trends, details and changes over time.

ŌURA understands how well you have slept and recharged and helps you to balance your life, get more restful sleep and perform better. This can be useful to experiment with your PEMF device and try different programs and frequencies to arrive at the best possible use-case of your PEMF therapy device.


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