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Difference between PEMF devices and Electrotherapy Products (TENS, EMS, IF)

Compare the benefits of PEMF, TENS/EMS, Microcurrent Electrotherapy Devices. PEMF devices employ low-frequency pulsating electromagnetic fields while all other electrotherapy stims such as Muscle Stimulators, EMS, IF units, TENS units and Microcurrent therapy products use either electric currents or very high high frequencies or both. This makes completely different in terms of effects as well.
Difference between PEMF devices and Electrotherapy Products (TENS, EMS, IF)

One device to track them all – ŌURA Ring

The goal of any PEMF device is to improve the condition of the user, when it comes to sleep, performance and even pain and recovery. Since the ŌURA tracks parameters that map to these requirements its very useful, specially if you want to easily track how much the PEMF therapy is helping you. Learn more about one of the best fitness trackers available today!
oura ring sleep tracker for pemf devices

PEMF Therapy for Arthritis

Learn how PEMF Devices can easily help mitigate effects of degenerative conditions that are bone and tissue related, including all types of Arthritis.
PEMF therapy for Arthritis using PEMF devices

Who can use PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy benefits all living beings. Sportsmen, Fitness Pros, Seniors or anyone seeking better physical & mental performance can use PEMF devices. Learn about how to choose your PEMF device.
Who can use PEMF devices for PEMF therapy

How do PEMF Devices work?

Learn about PEMF Therapy, it's history, benefits and how modern PEMF devices can be compared. Find out which PEMF therapy device is most suitable for you.
How does Magnetic Field Therapy or PEMF therapy work?