PEMF for Depression, Brain Health & Mental Performance Enhancement

by | May 26, 2018 | PEMF Therapy

Using PEMF devices for depression treatment and mental performance enhancement is highly effective. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy for depression and enhanced mental health is now utilized by hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of clinics such as pain clinics, chiropractors, naturopathy clinics, etc.

How do PEMF devices work for Depression?

PEMF devices emit pulsating electromagnetic fields and work using principles of brainwave entrainment and brain stimulation. Brainwave entrainment is a therapeutic practice which ensures your brain’s neurons are functioning in the most optimum electromagnetic frequencies. For example, when you experience deep sleep your brainwave is in delta rhythm that’s between 1 Hz to 3 Hz.

For almost all cases of depression, the person is having sleep disturbance or improper sleep. If they are able to rest well and sleep deep, they are most likely to beat depression. Using PEMF therapy this becomes possible non-invasively resulting in higher effectiveness due to continued ease of use and zero side-effects due it’s drug-free nature.

The brain stimulation effects of PEMF therapy for depression allows better hormonal balance and thus better mood and anti-depression effects. By stimulating with low-frequency PEMF therapy, brain tissues regenerate, neuronal matter functions optimally and cellular ageing reverses too. 

A study assessed the benefits of PEMF therapy for women’s mental health using a group of 10 healthy women and a sham control group who were given pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The study concluded that PEMF therapy is effective to treat anxiety.4

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy for Brain Health and Mental  Performance?

PEMF therapy works not just for uplifting mood, but also affects the brain in more ways.

Rapid improvements in motor co-ordination, hearing1, and neuro-regeneration2 are some of the long-lasting effects of regular use of PEMF devices for mental performance enhancement. A recent study proved that 10 Hz magnetic brain stimulation enhances creativity3.

Apart from boosting creativity, focus and cognition, it has a great potential to be a useful tool for suicide prevention and psychiatrists. 

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