PEMF therapy for Pets and Animals

by | May 13, 2020 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy for animals such as dogs and equines has been studied and found to be effective. Like human, animal tissues too experience cellular regeneration due to enhanced oxygenation and blood circulation from PEMF use. Animals of all sizes can potentially benefit with PEMF use. Therefore, veterinarian practitioners and animal owners should certainly explore the research on PEMF therapy for animals.

Both small and large animal veterinary practices as well as holistic veterinary practices should find PEMF as a great regenerative technology in the evolving animal care landscape. Pet owners and animal caretakers would also prefer non-invasive, non-toxic, at-home treatments such as PEMF that is effective and well-tolerated as well. There is also increasing demand for animal rehabilitation of chronic conditions, post-surgical recovery and prehab to reduce the risk of injury or chronic disease, or to condition an animal before surgical repair, competition or work. Holistic veterinary care centers should certainly find PEMF therapy effective for both large and small animals.

PEMF for dogs and cats

Often, people who use PEMF report that their pets, especially dogs will try to get on a PEMF mat if its on and not in use. Many dog and cat owners report that their pets will spend time on the PEMF mat on their own. No placebo possible there! Animals love PEMF, after all, pets like dogs respond to melatonin, which has been proven to be boosted by PEMF.

Applying PEMF for dogs and cats would require an appropriate PEMF device for their use. A small PEMF Mat such as the Big Magic PEMF mat should work well for small animals. Simply place the PEMF mat under their bed, try to hide the cables and block access to the control unit, so the system is relatively undisturbed.

Let us now review some of the research about PEMF therapy for canine to understand what is well-known.

One of the most popular human uses of PEMF is for improving density and reducing arthritis pain and symptoms. In 2002, the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, The John Hopkins University conducted a RCT to study the effects of PEMF therapy on late bone-healing after knee surgery reported that their methods provided a significant increase in new bone formation.​1​

In 2019, scientists from the Animal Medical Center, New York conducted a clinical trial to investigate the effects of PEMF therapy on Canine postoperatively after spine surgery, and found that PEMF improved would healing and reduced pain medication requirement.​2​

PEMF improves blood circulation. This benefit was researched by scientists from Italy by applying PEMF to 20 dogs with Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). They found that it reduced swelling in just 3 weeks with no side-effects on semen quality, testerone levels or libido.​3​

Another study by College of College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Alabama evaluated the effects of treatment with a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on wound healing and CNS activity of dogs. They found that wounds heal faster in dogs using PEMF.​4​

Felines also can benefit with PEMF. Cats are lazy animals with a huge brain. PEMF has long been studied as a regenerative medicine. One of the first PEMF cat studies was in 1984. They found that PEMF can help nerve regeneration in cats.​5​

In 2003, the Neuroscience Research Laboratories from Milwaukee, US demonstrated that PEMF may have beneficial effects on motor function recovery and inflammation after spinal cord injury.​6​

We guess when you understand the profound anti-aging effects of PEMF therapy, it’s easy to see how it is a relevant wellness technology for indeed all animals..

PEMF for Horses / Equines

If you live with horses and follow veterinary practices with horses, you may already have heard about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF works great for equines but they require larger PEMF machines and can also bear higher intensity PEMFs. The same anti-aging, performance enhancing and pain reducing benefits of PEMF therapy are possible for horses and any large animal for that matter, including bulls, cows and zoo animals and competitive equine athletes.

In high-ticket horse racing, the animals are quite valuable and steroid use is rampant due to performance requirements. Steroids are frequently employed for several problems that require immediate relief such as acute swelling, hives, anaphylaxis, auto-immune disorders, pain/inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, soft tissue inflammation, synovitis, joint inflammation, asthma and edema. PEMF being a safe, non-invasive and drug-free method for pain relief and bone stimulation therefore has great benefits for equines.

Why Is PEMF Beneficial To Horses?

PEMF therapy horses equines hooves pain

Horses spend the majority of their lives on their feet. Their joints and muscles are always in use. Sometimes a massage isn’t always the answer for horses, especially those who are stabled more than they roam. PEMF helps stimulate inflamed or sore muscles and boosts bone regeneration in the horse by promoting oxygen and nutrient flow.

Equine PEMF research has been on-going since at least the early 1980s.​7​

In 2018, the International Survey Regarding the Use of Rehabilitation Modalities in Horses reported that about 20% equine vets use PEMF.​8​

In 1993, Vets from University of Modena, Italy conducted a trial with 6 adult horses found that PEMFs at low frequency enhances the bone repair process.​9​

Most veterinarians agree that equine magnetic therapy help increases circulation and promote muscle relaxation for horses. Unfortunately, some veterinarians believe that PEMF therapy for horses is purely anecdotal. We hope the research evidence presented by us, helps you consider the potential of PEMF therapy for your horse.

Numerous Equine PEMF studies have been done to prove that PEMF therapy does, in fact, promote blood flow in equines. Having this increased circulation helps prevent injury or aggravating an existing injury.

Where Can I find PEMF Equipment For Equines?

We recommend exploring OMI Horses PEMF machines for Equines. OMI Horses PEMF equipment can be seen in this article in action on a horse. Their PEMF machines for equines aim to reduce pain, improve cellular repair, increase blood oxygen, and promote growth factors.

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Equine PEMF machines – OMI PEMF therapy devices for horses


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