PEMF therapy for Allergies and Sinusitis

by | Apr 22, 2019 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy for allergies & sinusitis is proven to be effective. Read this research review on PEMF therapy for allergies & about allergies in general. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an innovative approach of using targeted electromagnetic stimulation for allergies and sinusitis.  With PEMF therapy, it becomes easy to manage allergies in general and it does not depend on individual allergens.

Let us understand the causes of allergies according to energy medicine and the conventional advice given for treating allergies and sinus issues before we dive in to the research and effects of PEMF therapy for allergies. Allergies are becoming more and more expensive and difficult to treat, PEMF provides an amazing way to handle them no matter what ticks you off!

Causes of Allergies according to Energy Medicine

In Anthroposophical Medicine; a spiritually enhanced medicine created by Rudolf Steiner in the beginning of the 20th century viewed Allergy as the ability of the human self or ego to protect its body integrity to remain functional. Eczema is a result of the skin becoming like a wall, no longer porous, hindering a healthy exchange between “inside” and “outside” environments. The source is believed to be a dysfunction of the “soul body”.

Treatment of allergies is a complex issue. Allergies can express themselves as many different symptoms, such as food allergies, seasonal allergies, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and even asthma and migraine headaches are considered a disease of allergy. Diseases are split into 4 different disease categories: Inflammation, Sclerosis, Growth, and Allergies. As a result we experience cough, allergic rhinitis, redness of the eyes, fever, diarrhea, rashes, etc.

Conventional Treatment Methods for Allergies

First of all, it is important to reduce inflammatory responses to foods and environment. Such sensitivities may be caused emotionally, mentally, and ultimately, physiologically. Therefore, one should consider:

  • Regular exposure to any electromagnetic radiation that negatively affects the cells, such as mobile phones, wi-fi, microwave, etc. EMF field testers are now readily available that can help you identify exposure and individual sensitivity levels.  EMFields Tester to scan their homes for any negative influences of radiation, especially in their bedrooms. Upon locating areas of radiation, action can be taken to “clean” such areas.
  • Food is an important fact. Test inflammatory responses to foods, spices, liquids, and more. It is necessary to stop eating and drinking items which cause any inflammation. It’s advise that once these items are identified, stay away from for at least 3 months. This kind of fasting helps to reduce inflammation and improve repair and regeneration of tissue and organs.
  • Intermittent fasting is also a great way to rest your organs for most of the day, while you can still eat responsibly 8 hours a day while fasting for 16 hours.
  • Remember to practice conscious breathing just a few times a day along with plenty of joy and laughter as well as connecting with nature on an ongoing basis.


PEMF therapy for Allergies & Sinusitis

PEMF therapy substantially enhances the effects of all the conventional treatment methods. Using frequencies and programs which are most effective and placing applicators in areas of most reaction is the key to fast and lasting results with PEMF therapy for allergies. Once health has been stabilized with PEMF treatment sessions in combination with other treatment recommendations, your physiology will outgrow the need to create protective allergic reactions. 

By targeting the brain using repetitive transcranial magnetic field stimulation (rTMS) techniques, symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) have been reported to subside. 12

Pulsed magnetotherapy has been used in Czechoslovakia for more than one decade. It has been proved that this type of physical therapy is very efficient mainly in rheumatic diseases, in paediatrics (sinusitis, enuresis), and in balneological care of patients suffering from ischaemic disorders of lower extremities. “3

In a 2015 pilot study published in the journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, its reported that, “It was found that a 1-week course of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, consisting of one hour’s treatment per day, resulted in a reduction in the mean number of reactive foods..”4

Smokers will find their lungs feel at least 10 years younger with regular PEMF therapy use. For Asthma too PEMF therapy has been deemed effective.5

The combination of personalized PEMF therapy for allergies by selecting frequencies, programs, and targeting the affected area for magnetic stimulation therapy  gives optimum results in most cases for PEMF therapy for allergic reactions. Using PEMF therapy for allergies provides a diagnostic perspective as well  and is a treatment solution with no side-effects.


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