PEMF therapy for athletes and indeed for any competitive sport player helps them by enhancing nutrient absorption and recovery. A must read for sports nutritionists and physical therapists, this article will broaden knowledge about PEMF devices that are modern biohacking tools having immense athletic performance enhancement effects, providing up to 20% & 40% gain in strength and stamina respectively within a couple of months of use.

Taking supplements and the correct nutrition according to your body type is just one part of optimum sports nutrition. Indeed, the aim of any player’s diet is not only to provide the necessary nutritional supplements to build and recover but also to provide catalysts that enhance the processes involved.

Oxygen greatly enhances the body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and other important nutrients. Oxygen increases brain function and memory. However, it’s widely known that in high doses it’s toxic. Thus, the need for the correct catalyst which raises the cell membrane potential itself.

Here are two amazing biohacking tools that not only enhance oxygen levels but also reduce oxidative waste on a cellular level. This results in better nutrient absorption and an overall enhancement in strength and stamina.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for Athletic Performance Enhancement

PEMF therapy works in synergy with all nutritional programs and appears to qualify as an adaptogen and anabolic when paired with rigorous physical training. It is a safe, non-invasive and effective technology that is very easy to apply simply by using a good PEMF device.

Worldwide, athletes from many western countries are using PEMF devices because they enhance performance, increase endurance, strength and flexibility as well as encourage faster healing. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy also works to reduce pain1, inflammation, and improves circulation2.

One point to be aware while referencing studies about PEMF therapy and sports nutrition is that most studies do not utilize proven frequencies and duration of application. Refer to this article which explains the extent of red-herring nature of such studies.

Consistently maximized performance is important for athletes, and PEMF  therapy helps them achieve that by simultaneously reducing the risk of injury due to better mental acuity and promoting faster repair due to it’s regenerative effects. The way PEMF therapy facilitates bone and tissue repair is by increasing the uptake of oxygen.

As it works on optimizing the functions of almost any cell in the body including neurons, it works to relieve depression, improves daytime performance and mental acuity, and it literally reverses the aging process. PEMF therapy enhances nutrient absorption as the cells responsible for nutrient absorption also function more effectively in the process requiring less to achieve more. So it’s something definitely valuable for sports nutrition.

One of the pioneers in developing PEMF devices, EarthPulse has been manufacturing since 2002 and its possible to buy an affordable PEMF system which is specially designed for athletic performance enhancement. An EarthPulse PEMF device used daily during sleep is the most potent ergogenic aid that enhances nutrient utilization and provides faster recovery to an extent where strength can be boosted by up to 20% within a few months of use and stamina by up to 40%. Having a PEMF system will save you a TON on your training and nutritional supplements, paying for itself in the first 3-12 months depending on your supplements regimen.

PEMF devices like the EarthPulse Sleep on Command series have special program modes that sequentially step up/down frequencies to provide brainwave entrainment effects. These effects alone help players achieve deeper sleep for longer hours, resulting in better performance. Rio 2016 Olympics was rife with reports about athletes using brain stimulation technologies for performance gains.

Athletic Performance Enhancement with PEMF devices for Sports Nutrition

These effects of PEMF therapy happen as it raises blood and tissue oxygen levels by decreasing rate of O2 burn, thereby increasing aerobic capacity, improving flexibility, reducing free radical production, reducing or eliminating need for anaerobic metabolism altogether thereby reducing lactic acid production. By using effective PEMF devices that incorporate the correct protocols, it’s possible to reduce training related soreness by 90%. Such performance enhancement effects using a non-invasive and substance free treatment are only possible with PEMF therapy that has evolved over the last 5 decades.

Organic Sulfur

organic sulfur for performance enhance and sports nutritionNot to be confused with MSM and other artificially created sulfur compounds, Organic sulfur in the purest form, has no side-effects compared to the more popular MSM supplements, and can be taken regularly to improve oxygen transport and thus enhance nutrient absorption.

Organic sulphur is an effective ergogenic performance and recovery enhancement aid and its something that’s not known by many sports nutritionists today and has a great potential for wider use.

Sulfur is an essential mineral in the body. All cells require sulfur for normal function. In fact, sulfate is among the most important macronutrients in cells and enzymes. Organically bonded sulfur is a component of all proteins. Without it, we would not have skin, hair, or nails on our body, and suffer from chronic inflammation, brain and heart defects. Sulfur also removes toxins, such as heavy metals and chemicals. Most people are now deficient in this nutrient due to overexposure to environmental toxins and eating sulfur-deficient foods. Only organically grown foods contain organic sulphur in sufficient quantities and consuming it as a supplement enhances athletic performance.

The way Organic Sulfur works for detox is that it combines with all metals except gold and platinum to form inorganic sulfides. Inorganic sulfides convert heavy metal toxins into non-hazardous, stable forms which are safely ushered out of the body. By bonding with all the toxic heavy metals, Organic Sulfur can safely deactivate and remove these toxins from our bodies!

To give you a brief idea of the true significance of Organic Sulfur in your diet, consider the following conditions were it greatly benefits – Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Skin conditions, Cardiovascular issues, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders, Liver, Parasites, Depression, Asthma, Glaucoma, Hair, Teeth and Gum problems.  The effects on cardiovascular and gastric sites are felt within minutes and relief can be found without turning to compounds. Plenty of research is now available and it’s something everyone should incorporate in their supplement regime.

OS can be imported from the US or EU for a very nominal price and is sold in 500 grams to 1 kilo packages. A package should last you at least 6-12 months, so it’s really quite economical for what it does, and that’s one of the reasons nobody is recommending it widely – they don’t get to make money! That said, there’s no reason for it to not be a part of every sports nutrition program.

Here is our recommended Organic sulfur brand, after trying many. We found it to be purest and most effective out of everything else we tried over 10 years. Performance enhancement is guaranteed with Organic sulphur, consider this, a sore throat is relieved within second of gargling with organic sulfur water!


Both PEMF therapy & Organic Sulfur can work in tandem to improve nutrient absorption and thus athlete’s performance and recovery from both injuries as well as training related soreness. Both should be adopted by any physician or therapists working with sportswomen/men. It’s imperative to choose the right PEMF device for the purpose. There are several PEMF systems out there and not all of them are designed to provide results that have ergogenic performance enhancement effects.

When just one second can mean the difference between winning or loosing, professional players need to ensure their brains and bodies are wired correctly. Since our bodies are bioelectric in their very nature, doesn’t it make sense that biomagnetic supplementation is the answer?

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PEMF @ 10 Hz + Organic Sulfur = Simple!

Quote by Albert Einstein: “If the answer is simple, God is speaking.”

Recommended PEMF Device for Competitive Players

We recommend the following PEMF device for the best results with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Sports Performance Enhancement.

It comes with a full 90-day money back guarantee and can be purchased anywhere in the world for a very economical price for what it does.

Comparable to PEMF systems in the market which costs more than 10,000 USD, this system has a proven track record with  participants at the Olympics, world record holders, UFC Champions, military Special Forces, U.S. National Swim Team members (one FINA Champion with 21 Gold Medals in 21 races) and several expert sports and fitness instructors recommend it to their inner circle.

EarthPulse, Flexpulse, Oska pulse, Biobalance PEMF devices reviews

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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