Let us learn how PEMF therapy benefits for Low-back pain & spine health which have become a huge issue in modern lifestyle composed of unhealthy sitting postures, whether at work or home.

A glance at American Chiropractic Association’s Back pain facts and statistics will show that this is true and perhaps you yourself experience it regularly. So what are the conditions that cause back pain?  Sciatica, Spinal degeneration, Spinal stenosis, Osteoporosis, Skeletal irregularities, Fibromyalgia, Spondylitis and Bulging spinal disc problems such as protruding, herniated, or ruptured discs cause majority of spine health issues.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a superior, more effective and convenient solution as opposed to conventional treatments such as hot and cold compresses, weeks of bed rest, physiotherapy exercises, drugs like analgesics, anesthetics, steroids or narcotics and even beats more natural approaches such as acupuncture, spinal manipulation, inferential (IF) or any other electrotherapy treatments.

Rather than work on symptomatic relief for low-back pain and indeed any bone or connective tissue related problem, PEMF devices work on the mitochondrial level. Pain and inflammation occurs when mitochondrial dysfunction has occurred.

Vertebral column houses the spinal cord. There are a billion neurons in your spinal cord and it’s like an extension of your brain running through your spine. With enhanced neuronal health, brain health improves which also results in better control of the body, posture, gait as well as far beneficial mental wellness effects.

In 2003, Thomas Goodwin’s PEMF therapy Research for NASA reported that PEMF therapy using a frequency of 10 Hz resulted in neural tissue regeneration four times faster. More than 175 maturation genes and 150 developmental genes revert from maturation to developmental (See pages 15-26).

In 2012, a randomized clinical trial evaluated patients using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the management of patients with discogenic lumbar radiculopathy and concluded, “PEMF therapy is an effective method for the conservative treatment of lumbar radiculopathy caused by lumbar disc prolapse. In addition to improvement of clinically observed radicular symptoms, PEMF also seems effective in reducing nerve root compression as evidenced by improvement of SSEP parameters after treatment.”1

In 2013, this randomized clinical trial with more than three hundred patients tested PEMF therapy for cervical fusion and found that it helped significantly.2

This 2016 research by five American scientists proved the genetic science with their study, “Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatment reduces expression of genes associated with disc degeneration in human intervertebral disc cells.”3

The Eastern Russians were the first to discover it, but as word got out about what it can really do, and that is reduce drugs using side-effect free weak pulsating magnetic fields which the cells love, there are now hundreds if not thousands of studies and trials conducted in every corner of the world from India & China to EU to United States for using PEMFs for wellness and longevity.

And now in 2018, with such in-depth research available, there is no wonder that PEMF devices are easily available now. One of the earliest and best consumer PEMF devices, EarthPulse PEMF therapy devices operate on a similar frequency range as the NASA study and their program modes are based on possibly the largest PEMF therapy feedback programs. Every new user receives an opportunity to participate in a progress tracking feedback program. Some notable reviews about low-back and spine health issues from EarthPulse’s extensive PEMF device feedback page:

PEMF devices worked great for Dad & Me
EarthPulse v5.2 Sleep on Command PEMF Device
Written by: Susana
I am so glad that i took the PEMF system with me when I went to visit my parents a few weeks back. The reason my 80 year old Dad had low-back pain was that he was bowling (my folks are on a league) and a women on his team, (not my mother) tried to show him how to improve his ball swing using her method. He said he tried it to get her to stop pestering him but it backfired. One adjustment as soon as he got home took him out of the acute spasm, then placing the magnet over the area under a pillow in a supportive chair brought remarkably quick results. He had much less pain by that night and was even better by the next morning with continued improvement by the evening, whereas he could even go out for dinner and was not wearing a back brace. We were all quite impressed. I have noticed improvements all around but most dramatically in the comfort of the muscles of my thigh around an old femur fracture on one leg, as well as my low-back doesn't hurt anymore.
5 / 5 stars
injury is now much better and I’m taking on the ‘body for life challenge'.
EarthPulse v5.2 Sleep on Command PEMF Device
Written by: Patrick
I am now completely back up and running. Started weight and cardio training again this week, something I never thought I would be able to do again because of an 11 month old back injury which had pretty much stopped me from training. That injury is now much better and I’m taking on the ‘body for life challenge'. Also I’m sleeping much better and my breath hold time has gone from 94 seconds to 134 in the last 28 days!
5 / 5 stars

Here at PEMF-Devices.com you will find feature comparison and reviews of well-known PEMF therapy brands as well as research articles right from how to choose the PEMF devices to using PEMF therapy effectively for wellness and longevity. If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to find a solution for low-back pain or back pain in general. Owning a PEMF device for spine wellness is definitely worth it now as it’s become really affordable and it goes beyond by safeguarding and enhancing the body’s natural immunity and regeneration abilities.

PEMF therapy for low-back pain and spine

The FlexPulse is another good PEMF device which has light magnetic applicators that can easily be applied on lower back



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