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by | Aug 14, 2017 | PEMF Therapy

The benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy, abbreviated as PEMF, are undeniable. Especially since the positive effects and benefits of this type of therapy have been demonstrated through over hundreds of studies including double-blind experiments. These research studies and trials have been done in various countries using a host of different PEMF therapy devices.

PEMF therapy devices were first made available to consumers in the late-90s and by 2003 their benefits had become evident with PEMF devices from the US finally becoming available worldwide. Early users provided reviews which described incredible improvements due to epigenetic effects.

Various PEMF devices can be used for sleep. performance enhancement, anti-depression, pain reduction and cellular regeneration. Also, these devices are used in maintaining and improving the wellness of nerves, muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and bones.

Since they first entered the consumer market in the early-1970s, PEMF devices have been accepted in numerous countries including, in Canada, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US. In the US, the FDA approved the use of these devices in 1979 and in 1988 in the treatment of non-union bone fractures and urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation respectively. In 20071, the FDA also approved the use of PEMF devices in the treatment of anxiety and depression. In Israel, PEMF devices are used in the treatment of migraine headaches while in Canada the devices are used to address a wide array of medical issues. In its part, the European Union has accepted the use of PEMF devices in the treatment of trauma, treatment of pain and degeneration.

There are several PEMF devices available worldwide today. They are different on many aspects such as frequency spectrum, waveform shape, strength or power of magnetic, and application type. An avid PEMF device buyer should also consider the history or time-in-market of the brand they want to buy. Very few manufacturers are in the market from more than a decade or brands launched by doctors who use PEMF treatment from more than a decade can also be trusted the most.

PEMF therapy device differences

PEMF devices function by emitting pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). Different devices produce different types of PEMFs based on Power Level, Waveform, Frequencies, and Treatment Time.

Power Level

PEMF devices function by emitting a pulsed electromagnetic field. Different devices produce different amounts of PEMFs. Some produce as little as the magnetic energy produced by the Earth’s (less than 1 Gauss) while others produce 10,000 times the amount of relative intensity produced by the Earth. In this regard, PEMF systems can be classified into low-intensity, medium and high-intensity. Low-powered devices are used mainly in improving cellular health and inducing bone healing as well as are better suited for whole-body and regular use. On the other hand, high-powered devices are used in the treatment of trauma caused by accidents, sports injuries, as well as surgery. In some cases, high powered devices are also used in the treatment of old musculoskeletal issues.

All PEMF devices can be used to alleviate pain; however various intensities are most effective depending on use case.

Waveform used by PEMF device

Another thing that differentiates PEMF therapy devices is the shape of their waveform. PEMF Devices produce either a square, a saw tooth, a sine, a trapezoidal or a custom waveform. Trapezoidal and sine waves are most penetrating.

Frequency Control

Good PEMF devices should offer programs which run appropriate frequencies. Make sure any magnetic stimulation system you buy, has some good programs under 10 hz and also under 3 Hz if you’d like to improve sleep too.

Treatment time

The amount of time it takes a PEMF device to have the desired effects depends on the intensity of the pulsed electromagnetic field. Thus, the treatment time can be anywhere between a few minutes and hours. Long-term use at low to medium intensities can suit almost everyone.

Applicator type

The type and size of applicator matters to allow whole-body, local or internal targeting of the pulsed magnetic field. PEMF mats are ideal for whole-body. The Sedona Pro has 17 coils in its whole-PEMF mats and it has much higher intensity compared to more expensive products from other brands. The MiniMagic, OMI Ring or MiniMat is great for local application and brain stimulation as it provides a strong signal with a small PEMF coil.

The benefits of PEMF therapy devices

According to research evidence, PEMF devices are capable of reducing pain caused by accident trauma, sports injuries, burns, and surgeries. Also, PEMF therapy devices have been found to reduce pain caused by disease and degeneration. Our PEMF Therapy blog plans to publish more information day-by-day on these topics. PEMF devices accomplish these incredical effects by affecting the mechanical, electrical, magnetic and chemical processes within the body’s cells.

  • Decrease in pain​3​
  • Increase in the range of motion​4​
  • Improved functional recovery​5​
  • Reduction in muscle loss after surgery​6​
  • Increase in tensile strength in ligaments​6​
  • Fast healing of wounds​7​
  • Improved formation of capillary and healthier blood viscosity
  • Improved cell regeneration

Using the above benefits and observation, use of PEMF therapy can be applied in cases of specific requirement, which include nerve regeneration, stroke rehabilitation and so on.

PEMF therapy device selection

Low & Medium-intensity PEMF machines such as the Miramate Mini Magic wearable PEMF devices and many PEMF mats have timers that run up to 12 hours or even non-stop, so you’re not limited to half hour sessions at PEMF clinics or your chiropractors office and spending time traveling for the visits.

Having both a relatively high intensity PEMF system and a whole-body PEMF mat like the OMI Pads or Sedona Pro is a good strategy to cover flare-ups as well as recovery and energy enhancing stimulation for all the tissues.

Such intensities with long duration application allows for a more natural recovery and allow hormonal balance better. These can also be used as brain stimulation devices, sleep aids, neuromodulation devices, and brainwave entrainment devices.

High-intensity PEMF systems are great for rapid treatment of bone, joint, spine and muscle issues. These have maximum cellular regeneration effects, however many people are sensitive and that would limit the amount of regular use possible.

A high-intensity PEMF machine can also be tried alongside medium or low-intensity PEMF systems. Although it’s true that high-intensity PEMF systems are are more effective than low or medium intensity systems as they need lesser treatment time, are stronger and are able to reach deeper into the body, medium-intensity and low-intensity systems can allow substantial recovery too with longer-term use.


There is no need being confused with the various complex and technical terms and descriptions as most PEMF therapy devices are safe to use long-term. To lay off apprehensions, this study8 proves that high-intensity magnetic stimulation can be safe long-term. Therapeutic effects depend on the intensity and power.

In conclusion, when you’re comparing PEMF therapy devices consider the price and intensity, also consider program modes and frequency range. Finally, understand the warranty and feedback from users. We’ve selected some of the best brands based not just on technical features, but also the customer experience. Visit this page to compare PEMF devices.

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