PEMF therapy for Breast Cancer

by | Aug 2, 2019 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy for breast cancer has a huge potential to improve the patients life. Let us learn how pulsed electromagnetic fields works for breast cancer and how it can improve the outcomes and make it possible to survive breast cancer. Thousands of clinical studies and hundreds of trials so far suggest that PEMF therapy provides long-term therapeutic benefits. It is deemed as a natural remedy which backs up body’s cells and helps fight cancer.

According to, one in every eight women in the United States are bound to develop invasive breast cancer over the course of time. This type of cancer is one of the most common, with over 268,600 new cases in America alone. The problem is worse in developing nations such as India, where breast cancer is the most common cancer in its cities. Given the massive number of women battling  breast cancer, spreading awareness about the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy for treating breast cancer becomes of paramount importance.

In today’s date, there is up to a 90% chance to survive the first bout of breast cancer with a variety of treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy, but recovery is painful and the 90% survival rate falls down quickly in case of a relapse or diagnosis at late stage. The reason being that these therapies also kill the healthy cells as well and weaken the immune system.

How PEMF therapy works for breast cancer

According to research, cancer cells cannot thrive in oxygen-enriched environments​1​. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the cells. Thus, patients using PEMF as a complementary treatment along with chemo/radiation therapy can have faster recovery as cancer cells get destroyed, while the recovery rate of healthy cells is greatly enhanced.

If you study how cancer occurs, damaged mitochondria (power house of the cell) is one of the key reasons as researched by Nobel prize winner, Otto Warburg back in 1931. This theory has stood the test of time, and we believe that damaged mitochondria is the primary reason that cancer occurs.

It now established even by researchers at Harvard Medical that, “in order to effectively treat cancer, the escape routes to therapeutic interventions provided by mitochondria must also be considered – future studies into combination therapies that remove this flexibility will be important to advance cancer treatments.”​2​

Mitochondria and Cancer: The role of mitochondrial metabolism, bioenergetics, mtDNA, oxidative stress regulation, fission and fusion dynamics, cell death regulation, biogenesis and turnover and signaling in tumorigenesis.
Source: Vyas S, Zaganjor E, Haigis M. Mitochondria and Cancer. Cell. 2016;166(3):555-566. (Harvard Medical)

ATP as seen in the above diagram is the energy (bioenergetic) utilized by the cells to recharge and regenerate. PEMF therapy enhances ATP production​3​, and could be seen as a natural way to battle breast cancer. Oxidative stress a major concern in cancer, is also significantly reduced by PEMF therapy.

We’re sure that radiation or chemo or even immunotherapy don’t directly stimulate the mitochondria to perform better. These therapies are purely used for their toxic effects on living cells (cancer and normal both!) however they become necessary tools for surviving cancer emergencies . For this reason, if these are unavoidable, even then PEMF is a great complementary therapy to improve breast cancer treatment outcomes.

Newer more targeted radio therapy treatments although promising, still do not provide hormone balancing and whole-body healing effects such as in the case of PEMF therapy. They don’t address sleep which is also very important for recovery. The combined effects of better sleep and more energy are vital component of PEMFs effectiveness. Thus, PEMF therapy for breast cancer reduces the negative effects of radiation therapy on cellular immunity.

Proactive research in the field for breast cancer is dominated by mainstream medicine. It is little surprise that there are not a lot of journal publications about using PEMF therapy for breast cancer, although we hope that this trend is reversed.

Here’s the research so far on PEMF therapy for breast cancer:

In 2013, researchers from the Department of Environmental Science, University of Siena, Italy and  Institute of Biomechanics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Switzerland found that PEMF therapy has no negative effects on healthy cells and is also able to damage cancer cells.​4​

Dr. Pawluk, in his PEMF book, “Power tools for health” makes a link between intracellular calcium levels that PEMF therapy improves​5​ and reduction in cancer cells due to increased bio-available calcium studied​6​ in particular for triple negative breast cancer.

As early as 1991, Russian medical scientists reportedly reversed cancer​7​. There have been more in-depth studies and trials in Russia as discovered by Dr. Pawluk in his PEMF book. We find that PEMF therapy for stage 3 breast cancer, along with radiation and chemotherapy pre-operatively, resulted in significantly  improved results. He also goes in-depth explaining how PEMF therapy helps recovery from radical mastectomy for breast cancer.

Takeaways on using magnetic field therapy for breast cancer

Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease that attacks the body’s essential organs including lungs, heart, brain and kidney. Once cancer cells spread out, it can cause severe symptoms that can affect a patient’s quality of life. Fatigue kicks in and body pain seems to be unbearable. PEMF therapy for breast cancer is a holistic health treatment that can improve recovery as it affects the cancer cells negatively while normal cells are turbo-charged to enhance recovery.

We also learn that continued regular use of PEMF devices would also be helpful in reducing the likelihood of recurrences of new lesions.

While PEMF therapy is not considered a ‘cure’ for breast cancer, strong evidence suggest that by investing in PEMF, a patient’s life will improve. By applying pulsed magnetic fields correctly, significant benefits for breast cancer​4,8​ can be observed, even when used post-surgically or late stages.

Since PEMF therapy has such a life giving effect, pulsed electromagnetic fields should be considered important for survival on a similar level as air, water and food. If you’re a nutritionist or practitioner working with breast cancer patients, this technology is of vital importance. Homeopaths will find better results. Less stress means less cancer, and PEMF is anti-stress.

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