PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis

by | Dec 22, 2019 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy for osteoporosis is a viable treatment as per available research and feedback. Let us learn about Osteoporosis and see how Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy benefits osteo.

Osteoporosis is a dreaded disease of thinning bones, primarily in senior citizens, that can be difficult to reverse once it has started. Hormones, vitamins, minerals, and exercise can all build bone, but these approaches may take months to have beneficial effects. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy or PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis has shown rapid healing effects.

PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis has only recently gained a foothold in conventional medicine primarily in the area of speeding up the healing of broken bones. Doctors have been slow to embrace PEMF because they are trained to view health and disease in terms of biochemistry – the ebb and flow of hormones, blood, nutrients and fluid balances that affect cellular function. We’ve learned a lot from the biochemistry model of health and disease, but we believe that within a decade we’ll also be working with a bioelectric model of health that will greatly enhance our ability to prevent and heal disease.

The Bioelectric Body

The beauty of electromagnetic therapy is that it enhances overall cellular function and boosts your body’s ability to heal itself. Research and treatment with EMT began back in 1930s, but until recently the world just wasn’t ready for it.

The brilliant and pioneering scientist Robert O Becker did pivotal research in the 1960s, showing that an electrical current could stimulate the healing of broken bones. His books, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, and Cross Currents: The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of Electropollution, are classics if you want to delve deeper into the history of electrotherapy.

The underlying premise of Becker’s work is that the structure and function of living organisms are based on electromagnetic fields of many sizes, “shapes” and frequencies, ranging from the atomic level to those that surround the entire body. The potentially revolutionary part of this premise is that these fields interact with your biochemistry, and when this bioelectrical conversation is interrupted, your health suffers. Although Becker started out using simply currents directly on bone and looking for the right frequencies to heal, more productive research is being done today with fields that combine electricity and magnetics.

Now, nearly half a century later, PEMF is making a comeback. The racehorse industry was the first to successfully apply and demonstrate the principles of PEMF healing bone fractures in equines​1​. This provided some basis for PEMF devices for human use on bone fractures that are unable to mend, as well as to fuse spinal vertebrae in people with chronic, severe back pain​2​.

PEMF works by increasing the bioelectric energy of our body and synchronizing it, thereby enhancing cellular function​3​. It’s like a large orchestra try to play a complicated piece of music without a conductor – it wouldn’t function well and would expend a lot of energy trying to get in sync. When the electromagnetic field, or conductor, goes through it, harmony returns and energy is increased.

PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis Slows Bone Loss

Although it has been clearly demonstrated that PEMF therapy can speed up the healing of broken bones, the mechanisms for creating better bone density in someone with osteoporosis are different. There are two primary types of cells that affect bone density. Osteoclasts resorb or take away old, worn out bone, while osteoblasts build new bone.

Research indicated that electromagnetic currents slow bone resorption, but don’t reliably build bone. This may have to do with a feedback system in which the osteoblasts are stimulated by activity from the osteoclasts. If osteoclasts activity is suppressed, osteoblast activity is also suppressed.

Even so, it’s recommended to use PEMF therapy for osteoporosis, as it can significantly reduce bone loss while enhancing bone-building​4​. Once you’ve started using a PEMF for osteoporosis, keep using it along with your exercise, diet, supplement and hormone balance until a bone density test. Most PEMF users report bone density is increasing after a few months of regular use.

It is important to use a low frequency PEMF device. In the 1970s, researchers found that while exposure to the low frequency magnetic fields produced beneficial effects on living organisms, exposure to higher fields above 15 Hz created stress​5​. Prolonged exposure to higher fields have been shown to increase acidity, reduce oxygenation of cells, slow metabolism and increase pain.

Walk your way to stronger bones

One of the simplest and most reliable ways to build bone density is with weight-bearing exercise such as walking and weight-lifting. Researchers have found that weight-bearing exercise generates small electrical currents in the bone, which stimulates their growth.

Studies have shown that exercising for thirty minutes three times a week can help you slow bone loss. More amazingly, researchers have found that exercising for two hours every day can even build bone mass! (The good news is that spring cleaning, grocery shopping, and gardening do count!)

Supplements for Better Bones

To support the strength, flexibility and resiliency of your bones, you must enhance your body’s bone-building resources with five key nutrients: calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, and chondroitin. Additionally, our supplement of choice is organic sulfur, as it works synergistically with PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis.

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