PEMF therapy for Massage Therapists

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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy for Massage therapy practice has a multitude of benefits both practitioners and users alike. Massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists can all utilize PEMF to improve the outcomes for their clients. Let us learn how PEMF therapy improves neurological, tissue and cellular health and then discuss how practitioners can utilize its full potential.

Whether you have a sports rehabilitation center or spa & wellness center, effective hands-on treatment is the go to strategy in most cases. We know that tissues hold the neurological system together, and we try to optimize tissue and muscle function using various bodyworking massages and methods learnt from master therapists. Benefits of massage therapy or bodywork usually improves the condition of several issues due to bad circulation, chronic inflammation, injury, stress, inflammation, paralysis, and most licensed board certified massage therapists aim to treat fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and motion disorders to a variety of brain health issues.

Therapeutic massage and PEMF therapy go hand in hand. Combining the two is a practical strategy to improve outcomes and enhance your individualized offering. If you’re thinking of becoming a PEMF practitioner, the following studies will provide the basic foundation of what to expect with PEMF and you should be able to appreciate its use in a massage therapy practice.

We’ll focus on studies that prove the benefits of PEMF therapy for issues affecting muscles, superficial soft tissues, and ligaments.

Benefits of PEMF for massage therapy

Below list provides research evidences of PEMF therapy benefits relative to issues treated by massage therapists:

  • Reduction in fatigue​1​
  • Recovery from muscle injury is improved​2​
  • Post-surgery pain and recovery is improved​3​
  • Fibromyalgia is reduced​4​
  • Chronic inflammation​5​
  • Headaches​6​ and migraines​7​ reduced
  • Boosts bone health​8​
  • Ligament, joint and tissue regeneration​9​
  • Digestive disorders such as IBD find relief​10​

To learn more about the benefits, access our research review articles in the PEMF therapy section.

How to provide PEMF in a massage practice

For providing such benefits, we believe that massage therapy associations and journals alike should include PEMF in the field of study and research. Being a safe, non-invasive therapy, PEMF will bring merit to any center’s performance when it comes to getting results and superior outcomes for clients. Luxury spas too can experience good improvement in business as clients interested in alternative and ancient healing find PEMF to be a viable tool.

PEMF devices are easy to use and can provide rapid results in many conditions as we understand from this information. It’s as easy as placing the therapeutic PEMF mat on the massage table or holding the applicator in the correct position.

With a high-intensity PEMF system, it becomes possible to provide short, 5-10 min treatments, a great way to further improve the effects of bodywork and even be able to provide recovery in cases where it wasn’t possible earlier. Electro-magnetic fields tuned to low frequencies and applied at the right amplitudes stimulate the mitochondria in the cells to perform more efficiently, thereby improving oxygenation and circulation naturally.

It’s natural because the fields are tuned to frequencies that also occur in nature. All life evolved in this resonant electromagnetic field and its indeed a great discovery that its possible to reverse ageing by using PEMF therapy regularly. The effects are that noticeable, by the end of a course of PEMF treatments, your clients would want to buy one.

PEMF therapy systems for massage therapists

Massage therapy clients are looking for pain relief often without understanding the cause of the pain. You can’t blame them of course, it’s your job to recognize the issue and provide appropriate advice and devise an efficient integrated treatment plan.

The effectiveness of high-intensity PEMF treatments is enhanced in users that use medium or low intensity at home (in most cases in their bed) for two reasons. One their cellular voltage is better, they de-sensitize to the field fast enough to allow stronger fields and be able to utilize the extra energy then for muscoskeletal repair. Second, who wouldn’t want the most relaxing sleep they’ve had in decades? Relaxation techniques would boost the effects of PEMF and vice-versa.

A low intensity PEMF mat such as the OMI Pads work for home-use or as a take-away therapy and make high-intensity PEMF treatments at massage clinics even more effective. These PEMF devices would also be more effective for skin and tissue healing use. Perfect for home massage or field work as well. 

The OMI Ring is a perfect PEMF therapy addition along with a knee massage treatment. Sports massage results would also greatly improve if the user has a OMI Ring PEMF device, and being a local application system it becomes possible to apply PEMF therapy to the massaged area all day if needed for the rapid recovery needed in sports.

Massage warehouses or massage therapeutic supplies and equipment vendors should consider distributing these systems. As these PEMF therapy systems all have a trial period, everyone has access to at least give the technology a fair trial. As more massage therapists discover the benefits of PEMF as a complementary therapy, we should see higher availability of PEMF locally and it should be easier for clients to try high-intensity PEMF at lower cost and in the hands of professionals.


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