PEMF Therapy For Sleep Problems & Overall Well-being

by | Jun 19, 2017 | PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy acts as an effective sleep aid and has been found effective in treating insomnia. Read this research review to learn how Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy works for improving sleep.

Poor sleep quality can have negative or even catastrophic effects on performance and health. Thousands of research studies and development projects have been going on from at least 3 decades and there is no doubt now that PEMF therapy for sleep does indeed show positive results. Let’s see what exactly are sleep problems and then how PEMF therapy for sleep improvement works.

Well, it is said that to be healthy and function optimally during the day adults require about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Is this really true?

Unfortunately, sleeping for less than 6-hours a night is almost becoming a norm for the 21st century being and is quite dangerous. Sleep disturbances have become the norm. From problems going to sleep, long awake hours during the night and early awakening in the morning, it is affecting even those who take some actions for better sleep like putting lights off at night.

Insomnia now affects a considerable amount of the population, almost 20%​1​, google it if you can’t believe that figure. Persons with electrical hypersensitivity syndrome and depression have also been found to be having sleeping problems.

While sleep disruptions may be caused by physiological functions which we may not have any control over. It is also caused by emotional stress which causes disruption to the sleep rhythms.

If these sleep problems are ignored, a person may reach the breaking point. This is due to the accumulated needed sleep deficits over time. It is clear now that rolling blinds only may not be enough and thus why other methods such as PEMF Therapy for Sleep Problems must be considered.

How does PEMF therapy act as a sleep aid?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy based on principles of trancranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) uses the process of Brainwave entrainment for improving sleeping patterns using pulse magnetic fields.

There are basically two primary stages of sleep- REM ( Rapid eye movement) and NREM ( Non rapid eye movement). NREM accounts for about 80% of our sleep time and in its early phase is the deepest and most difficult to interrupt sleep and occurs early in the night. It is the time the brainwave is in its lowest point 1-4Hz. PEMF therapy aims to keep the brain in this state and act as an effective sleep aid.

A PEMF system such as a OMI PEMF mat can stimulate healthy brain activity and synchronize the brainwaves within the required range for normal deep sleep. Whole-body PEMF systems come with a controller that has a specially designed sleep program which can be programed to provide PEMF therapy for sleep all night, and you can simply lie on the PEMF mat or pillow in your own bed or couch, before or during sleep-time for establishing sleep, staying asleep longer and it could help resolve chronic sleep problems too.

Sleep in human beings is also enhanced by the release of large quantities of the hormone “Melatonin” in darkness by the Pineal gland. Studies on the effects of PEMFs on the production of Melatonin have been conducted and findings have shown that it actually works to improve its function of a good sleep.

PEMF Therapy helps hormonal functions2 return to normal functions and can therefore be used for Insomnia3 and other sleep problems such as trouble falling asleep or getting little or restless sleep. PEMF Therapy for Insomnia is now increasingly becoming universally acceptable.

Apart from benefiting in sleep problems and working as effective sleep aids, PEMFs are also useful in many more ways.

PEMF for sleep and brainwave entrainment

While it directly helps in improving sleep by entraining the brainwaves, PEMF therapy is also great for mental health and physical well-being. It further works for pain relief​4​ and is an excellent choice if you’d like to avoid post-workout or manage even injury or surgery related pain.

A PEMF device can produce sleep enhancing brainwave entrainment effects. This works by applying low-frequency (generally less than 3 Hz) magnetic pulses. With sufficient PEMF application for sleep, the brain tissues and hormonal imbalances can resolve resulting better brain health and natural improvement in sleep quality.

PEMF has also been studied for healing the brain in case of brain stroke and parkinson’s disease, the results speak for themselves.

PEMFs have also been used in trauma patients and not only did their sleep improve but also depression levels went down with an improvement in appetite levels and decrease in general weaknesses. Their stay in hospital significantly reducing.

Is Using PEMFs Safe?

A lot of studies have been done to establish any considerable side effects associated with the magnetic fields but to no avail. A maximum dose that can be safely administered to a patient safely in a day has not been also definitely established. If you have or would consider purchasing a PEMF therapy device, it is important to stick to the manufacturers instructions for safety. PEMF Therapy for Sleep Problems is usually quite low in power and is so far harmless unless evidence is discovered in future to confirm the contrary. This article covers all possible side-effects in detail.


It is unfortunate that majority of persons with insomnia and other sleep problems hurry to subject themselves to pills for medication which have far reaching side effects. Addiction and developing resistance to drugs just to mention a few. It’s high time we consider exploiting the full potential PEMF Therapy as a treatment for insomnia and other sleeping problems. With no proven side effects it is worth the risk. Its time to take charge of your life, get a good night’s sleep, kiss sleeping problems goodbye and make SLEEP GREAT AGAIN!


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