ActiveBio Plus Polarized Light Therapy Lamp


ActiveBio Plus is a polarized light therapy lamp or photobiomodulation device with a 99% polarization rate and 6 colors. Delivered worldwide with free shipping, 3 years warranty and 30-day trial.

  • Tech: Polarized Light
  • Trial Period: 30 days
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping
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The ActiveBio+ is a polarized light therapy (PLT) lamp. The ActiveBio+ is the pinnacle of human ingenuity as it is able to transmit a precise color wavelength that penetrates up to 5 cm deep. This PLT system comes with 6 colored lenses allowing great use as a chromotherapy device. Chromatherapy in particular has been around since more than 60 years.

Natural light is non-polar and spreads in all directions.  Visible light can be broken down into numerous electromagnetic frequencies, and frequency relates to a color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, etc. Since ancient times there has been therapeutic use of visible light spectrum.

A polarized light therapy lamp produces polarized light by absorbing some of the light from the visible spectrum and selectively allowing a particular wavelength to pass through.

Broad, visible spectrum PLT differs from other forms of phototherapy as it uses a much wider range of wavelengths than other modalities such as, LLLT or UV. Consequently, the devices used in PLT are generally less expensive and relatively easy to use.  Research articles point at ongoing and completed studies on the benefits of PLT.

Technical Specifications

  • Polarization Rate: More than 99%
  • Wavelength range (with yellow filter): 400-1000 nm

What’s in the Box

  • Lamp Device
  • Color Therapy Set with 6 Color Lenses (Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink & Violet)
  • DC Adapter
  • User Manual

Dimensions: 10.24 x 15.16 x 4.53 inch (26.00 x 38.50 x 11.50 cm)
Weight: 2.87 lb (1.30 kg)

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