chiliPAD Sleep System


The chiliPAD sleep system is a temperature controlled mattress pad that allows heating or cooling your bed and maintain a temperature between 55-115°F (13-46°C). The chiliPAD sleep system utilizes a water-based hydronic pad to provide a higher quality and restorative sleep.

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  • Tech: Cold Therapy / Thermogeneis
  • Trial Period: 90-days
  • Warranty: 2 years limited warranty


The chiliPAD is a pioneering thermal sleep improvement system that provides the ability to control your physical temperature between 10-15°F compared to room temperature. It becomes possible to optimize your body’s temperature to vastly improve your sleep quality + comfort.

The system consists of hydro-powered mattress pad, thermal regulating control unit and a remote that doesn’t use bluetooth or wifi.  It allows you to regulate the temperature of your bed with suggested use as cold therapy. Just add water and plug it in for a night of comfortable, restorative sleep.

There are 7 size options that allow a single person or couple to use the system with individual temperature control, the price varies accordingly. The full-bed size units are 2 separate systems and the price is double for the same size single person unit.

How does ChiliPad work and what are the benefits of ChiliPad?

The scientific principle on which it works is known as cold therapy that is applied to mitigate thermogenesis during sleep. The chiliPAD, as a cold therapy device is designed for and effectively thermal regulates the body throughout the night. By circulating water through the mattress pad, activity testing and maintaining the desired temperature throughout the night, sleep quality and quantity is improved.<

The circadian timing system in humans governs the wake-sleep cycle and synchronizes biological processes.  Within the hypothalamus—a nodal point of body temperature regulation—the SCN influences the circadian rhythm of body temperature, a key ingredient to synchronize clocks in peripheral tissues. The results of the research and user feedback show that changes in core body temperature rhythms are capable of entraining and enhancing the amplitude of the circadian rhythms of sleep even though the SCN remains resistant.

In layman terms, many of us no longer live in the environment (read countries or states) of our ancestors, as modern society has allowed for mass migration, many of us live in different temperatures and seasonal cycles. This has an impact on the circadian system which is genetic in nature. By applying cold therapy during sleep-time with a thermal cooling mattress, it becomes possible to influence the body’s temperature. This therapeutic sleep enhancement system is designed to provide a balanced and accurate change in body temperature to benefit sleep and recovery.

As per Chilitechnology research trial, the potential benefits of using chiliPAD are:

  • 25% less frequent night sweats
  • 40% less likely to have trouble going back to sleep if waking up in the middle of the night
  • 36% less likely to wake up due to discomfort or pain
  • Waking up 11% less frequently due to worry or anxiety
  • 15% less likely to wake up if tired

Chili has been around from a while and has been highly recommended by many fitness coaches and biohacking celebrities. It has a partnership with the National Sleep Foundation and Specialty Sleep Association, making it an authentic solution. The company has great customer support and cares for their users. Icons like Tim Ferris, Jimmy Fallon, Ben Greenfield, Wellness Mama, Mark Sisson and David Nurse among many others have reviewed or interviewed Chili Technology. Cold therapy also in general is hugely popular with endurance athletes and professional players as it also boosts sports performance. All in all, the ChiliPAD is a great addition to PEMF therapy and both technologies can complement each other to provide better sleep, lesser pain and more energy. Please continue to for more information and to order the ChiliPAD.

The learn more button leads to the product page on the brand’s website. We consider this the best way to learn more about the product and receive the best support and best pricing anywhere in the world. You would also receive feedback rebates and future discounts if you buy directly from this PEMF device brand. This product can also be purchased on Amazon here, but we do recommend buying it directly for best experience and better quality support.

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