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Newly launched EarthPulse v5.2 Basic Lite PEMF device is for just $399. Read EarthPulse reviews submitted by users below and learn more about the product’s features.

With 1/10th the power of a regular v5.3 Basic PEMF device, expect lower amplitude PEMF therapy but is a good way to start exploring EarthPulse PEMF technology. Just as the more powerful Basic, set any therapeutic PEMF freq between 0.5 – 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours. Switches to 14.1 Hz (Alert Mode) for an hour after the timer elapses. Great choice if you are on a budget and it’s possible to upgrade it to 1100 Gauss too.

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The good thing about the v5.2 Basic Lite version is the flexibility it provides to upgrade to a fuller more powerful PEMF therapy device. It’s a great system for those who are trying PEMF therapy for the first time and are wanting to get a lower cost variant to check initial reaction.

EarthPulse electromagnet in it’s full assembly has 3 components – a coil (known as Air-core attached to wire), a metallic base plate that amplifies the field and an outer ring which focuses the field. In the Lite model, you only get the Air-core and so get a relatively lower amplitude device.

how is the Lite PEMF therapy device different from the Basic PEMF product


This still has many uses as 110 Gauss magnetic field intensity that the Lite puts out is still quite effective when used at close range. Remember the 1100 Gauss systems are designed for under the mattress use and magnetic fields deteriorate quickly as the distance increases.

The electromagnet of the EarthPulse Basic Lite PEMF device would be used from under the pillow or kept anywhere close to the body. For those who are sensitive or fragile, they can also use it from under the mattress and still be able to get some effects.

It can be upgraded to become a regular full power v5.2 Basic by buying the detachable metal parts upgrade. You can upgrade it to a v5.2 Basic system if you decide you need more energy at a very nominal cost (maybe a $50 more for the extra shipping)

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    According to me, the Earthpulse is the best PEMF device company out there. With the new Basic Lite system, a 110 G PEMF device becomes affordable to a great extent. You will be paying 100s if not thousands of dollars more for similar effects. This is my 3rd earthpulse system and i bought Lite version for my cat. She really loves it, I guess she really wanted it as she wouldn’t leave our bed when the earthpulse was on, now she has it and we can finally sleep well!

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