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The EssencAir is an effective air purifier and air disinfectant for a large room or lobby. It utilizes 2 technologies – bipolar ionization i.e. high-voltage air filtration and a saline-based filter.

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  • Tech: Bi-polar Ionization + Dry Salt Inhalation (Halo Therapy)
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  • Warranty: 1 year
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The EssencAir is an excellent indoor air purifier that filters air by absorbing impurities and attacks bacteria and viruses with negative ions. The result is less odor and fresh air.

This unique air purifier uses a high-voltage air filtration technology called bipolar ionization to filter and disinfect the air. It uses electricity to draw air inside the unit through its specifically designed electrodes. The air pollutants are collected by this built-in electrode system.

The cleaned air is then passed through a saline filter. This allows you to not only purify air using an advanced negative ion technology but also enjoy the full benefits of dry salt inhalation or halo therapy.

There are two modes – purification and disinfection. It also offers intensity control that can be set according to the room size or your preference.

During operation the device produces a very small amount of ozone. When operated at maximum intensity, the highest ozone concentration measured in a 42 m3 (1483 ft3) room is 0.013 ppm. This is well below (up to 9 times less than) the thresholds set by any organizations.

The only maintenance needed is adding a supersaturated saline solution. You get one complementary bottle by ordering the EssencAir bi-polar ionizer. A full bottle of the concentrated salt solution will refill the salt therapy filter twice and each fill will last for approximately 3 weeks of daily use. So your maintenance cost is expected to be about $40 for 3 months when used daily. You could also experiment with making your own salt if you want to save this cost, we will update this page after some experiments. 🙂

This is a high quality Hungarian made device based on original research and development. It operates quietly and makes less than 60 dB noise, consumes very little power and purifies the air of a fairly large living room or lobby up to 1300 Sq. ft.

What’s in the Box

  • EssencAir Air Disfectant and Purification Device
  • Supersaturated Saline Solution
  • DC Adapter
  • User Manual

Dimensions: 23.62 x 5.91 x 16.34 inches (60.00 x 15.00 x 41.50 cms) (~2 x ~0.5 x ~1.35 ft)
Weight: 12.13 lbs. (5.50 kgs)

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