Hi-Tech H2 Eye

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Hi-Tech H2 Eye is an advanced eye massager device which offers hydrogen fog steam to the eyes when used with the Basic or Pro Hydrogen Inhalation Machines. It can also be independently used for moisturizing the eyes and treating the eyes with a relaxing hot compress.

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  • Tech: Molecular Hydrogen and Hot Compress
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Hi-Tech H2 Eye is a unique eye massager which offers 3D suspended atomization of hydrogen or steam for eye application. It applies hot compress to the eyes at 42° C along with atomized steam.

You will need a hydrogen generator to use it with hydrogen. Our hydrogen machines, i.e., the Basic or Pro Hydrogen Machines should work well. The Basic is sufficient for the H2 eye application with 150 ml/min of pure hydrogen.

The device disperses a constant fog for moistening the eye tissues and can also help relieve wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles. It is refreshing experience and especially useful if you have eye fatigue or dry eyes.

The device is easy to use, the padding is made of environmentally friendly albumen “skin”. The head band is adjustable and comfortable for all sizes.

The hydrogen eye massager can easily be used with a hydrogen gas machine with a maximum input of 600 mL/min of H2. Saline, mineral water or eye drops can be introduced via the liquid filling port of the device.

Adaptive heating technology using 3D aerosol atomization temperature sensors makes sure the fog temperature is constant, so it will never become suddenly hot or cold.

Technical Specs

Weight: 360 grams
Dimensions: 185 x 65 x 88 mm
Water Tank Volume: 20 mL
Ambient Temperature Requirement: 5-40° C
Power Supply: 5 V USB Type-C
Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
Product Accessories: Main unit, power supply adapter and user manual

2 reviews for Hi-Tech H2 Eye

  1. Tim Doyle

    I received the Hydrogen Eye Mask along with the Basic H2 machine as a gift and was a little reluctant to use this product. I am blind in my right eye due to Coats Disease. I teach English classes with students in my home as well as create writings for my website. My eyes are over worked, creating them to water with discomfort. After using the Hydrogen Eye Mask for a couple of days, relief returned to my eyes. I now use the Hydrogen Eye Mask twice a day and my wife has also started to use the Hydrogen Eye Mask. I highly recommend using the Hydrogen Eye Mask if you are experiencing difficulties with your eyes.

    Timothy Doyle

  2. Jimmy’s Spa

    The H2 eye is an amazing eye massager. I have tried steam treatments before, the atomized steam from this device is another level. Not only is it very relaxing to simply lie down, relax and shut the world out , but I always find clearer vision after every session. The effects last for a couple of days for me. The H2 application makes a huge difference, the results are spectacular!

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