Cawolo Hi-Tech Hydrogen Inhaler Pro


The Cawolo Hi-Tech Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler Pro is a full-featured hydrogen gas generator that provides molecular hydrogen inhalation and allows you to make hydrogen-rich water at home. It produces 300 or 600 mL/min of 99.9% pure hydrogen gas and has ISO, water quality and CE certifications.

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  • Tech: Molecular Hydrogen Gas & Water
  • Gas Production: 300/600 mL/min
  • Continuous Operation Time: 8 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping (custom duties may apply)


The Pro Hydrogen Inhalation Machine has two modes – 300 mL/min and 600 mL/min, i.e., 18 liters/hour and 36 liters/hour. This makes it an effective molecular hydrogen therapy machine for all circumstances. The two output ports allow connecting 2 pairs of nasal cannulas, so two people can use the system at the same time at 300 mL/min. Features include an adjustable flow rate, timer, TDS detection and industry leading safety features.

These molecular hydrogen generators are made in a high-tech enterprise with 20+ year experience in water treatment. The company is also a member of Japan Hydrogen Association. They have core competencies in research and development of water electrolysis, so unlike most other manufacturers, they do not source their core components from generic manufacturers. They also hold the original original patents for many of it’s core features.

These machines can be used as hydrogen water generators and use water ionization to produce the molecular hydrogen gas. They utilize a patented PEM technology which is sometimes criticized by older hydrogen technology companies, but is in fact such more superior to the 90s methods, as it produces 99.9% pure molecular hydrogen. The flow rate and purity will not decrease over time due to the latest advancements in electrolyzer technology.

These hydrogen inhalation machines have all the necessary safety features and more.

Low water level protection – If the water level is low it will automatically stop working.
Anti-dumping – The machine will switch off on impact or fall.
Water quality monitor – When the water quality does not meet the purity standards, an indicator flashes.

To produce hydrogen-rich water, simply pass the gas through the tumbler provided for a few minutes. Nasal cannulas and all the necessary attachments and accessories are included with the product.

The humidification bottle provided is hi-tech as well. It avoids problems that many other machines have such as spraying water into the nostrils, growth of bacteria and reduced hydrogen purity.

The service life of these molecular hydrogen inhalation machines is 8000-10000 hours. That means they will run for 5 or more years without needing to change the electrolysis cells if used 4 hours per day. They can run continuously for up to 8 hours and then need a rest of 1 hour.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best hydrogen inhalation machine for regular long-term use, this machine is perfect.

Technical Specs

Weight: 11.4 Kg
Size: 370 x 240 x 360 mm or ~1.2 x 0.8 x 1.2 ft
Water Tank Volume: 2 Litres
Power Rating: 150/300 W
Power Supply: 110/220 VAC

We are accepting orders for this product. The product will be shipped in 3-12 business days after placing the order. . The usual delivery time to the US and most countries is between 7 to 20 business days. Shipping is provided free. Shipment tracking details will be sent as soon as your order is shipped.

Custom duties may apply and will be billed to you by the logistics company.  By placing an order, you accept to pay any custom duties applicable in order to receive delivery.

Orders once placed can not be cancelled. Cancellation requests may or may not be accepted, attract additional charges, or if the cost of recall is prohibitive it might be in the best interests to try this product.

You will receive life-long product usage support and troubleshooting support from us. This website is not responsible for technical service and warranty of this product. The technical servicing if and when needed will be provided directly from the manufacturer as per the manufacturer guarantee. We will certainly assist you in receiving warranty and servicing from the manufacturer. We find this the best way to fix any high-tech product reliably – by those who made it.

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