Hi-Tech LLLT Complete – Low Level Laser / Cold Laser Device

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The LLLT Complete is a multi-purpose cold laser therapy system designed to relieve joint pain as well as allow treating ear, nasal and throat with 650 nm (5 mW) and 810 nm (150 mW) low-level lasers. This desktop LLLT (Low-level laser therapy) device comes with 4 types of applicators and its 6 channels can be operated simultaneously making it a unique and powerful tool to have at home or clinic.

It’s shipped worldwide with a one year warranty. Shipping is included in the purchase price.


  • Tech: LLLT (PBMT)
  • Wavelength: 650 nm & 810 nm
  • Maximum Intensity: 650 nm: 5 mW ± 20% 810 nm: 150 mW ± 10%
  • Number of Diodes: Ear probe applicator: 2  Nasal probe applicator: 2 Oral/Throat probe applicator: 2 Handheld applicator: 16 (3x 810 nm + 13x 650 nm)
  • Power Supply: AC 110-220V
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping (custom duties may apply)


The LLLT Complete is a multi-purpose cold laser photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) system comprising of a handheld applicator with 16 laser diodes and probe applicators for oral, nasal and ears application. Clinics, spas and home-users can also consider this excellent portable system and have something that works on a wide range of issues.

The LLLT Complete system’s handheld applicator can be used to stimulate meridians, acupuncture points as well as target joints and spine areas.

The Nostril-based/intranasal i-PBMT applicator allows bathing the nasal mucosal tissue with 650 nm low-level laser. The Deep-nasal PBMT is also an effective method to deliver light to parts of the prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex and is perfect to pair with transcranial or brain stimulation.

The intra-oral applicator allows targeting the oropharynx, pharynx, mouth and tongue. The ear applicator allows application to the middle and inner ears.

The timer allows setting the program for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes. The suggested treatment time to start working with LLLT is 10 minutes for each targeted area. It can be applied two or three times a day. Subsequently treatment sessions can be elongated to 30 minutes.

You can operate all six channels simultaneously – 2 nose probes, 2 pairs of ear probes, oral probe and handheld probe and also set the intensity for each individual channel.

The LLLT Complete cold laser system has real laser diodes, rather than LEDs found in many times more expensive but less effective products.

Product Features & Specs

Laser medium: GaAIAs Semiconductor

Laser wavelength: 650 nm ± 20 nm / 810 nm ± 20 nm

Class: 3R Laser device

Number of laser diodes:

  • Ear probe applicator:
  • Nasal probe applicator: 2
  • Oral/Throat probe applicator: 2
  • Handheld applicator: 16 (3x 810 nm + 13x 650 nm)

Terminal laser output mode: Continuous

Terminal laser output instability: < ± 10%

Single laser output power:

  • 650 nm: 5 mW ± 20%
  • 810 nm: 150 mW ± 10%

Timer: 10-30 mins

Power Supply: 100 – 240 V / 50-60 Hz

What’s in the box

  1. Control Unit x 1
  2. Nasal Probe Applicator x 4
  3. Ear Probe Applicator x 4
  4. Oral Applicator x 1
  5. Handheld Applicator x 1
  6. Eye Protection Eyeglasses x 1
  7. Power Supply Adapter x 1
  8. User Manual x 1

Contraindications and cautions by manufacturer:

1. Do not use the device around eyes or thyroid.
2. Use protective glasses to avoid direct eye exposure.
3. Pregnant women and people who suffer from malignant tumors or hemorrhagic diseases are advised not to use LLLT.

Research on Cold laser / Low-level laser therapy:

Read this article to learn what is cold laser therapy, how LLLT works and what are the effects and benefits of low-level laser therapy based on published clinical research.

3 reviews for Hi-Tech LLLT Complete – Low Level Laser / Cold Laser Device

  1. Jessica

    I have hypersomnia so I am always tired. I purchased this device for the energy & vitality and it helps with my focus. After 3 months of use, I wake up 8 hours later like I used to when I was a young child. My head is clear and I can actually walk to the horse stables again. I appreciate the science behind this product. I have to get another one for my partner who has anxiety and depression periodically and it helps them relax. It’s nice how well the brain is treated with the ear and nose applicators, Thanks so much!!

  2. Ian D.

    The ease of use and the positive results achieved makes this cold laser therapy device feasible for the prevention and treatment of many chronic pain issues. I use my laser for just about everything I can do. The laser also saves money as assistant is able to do it and I don’t have to spend as much for anesthetic and needles.

    For about half of my patients, I use it instead of needles. It gives faster and better integration of implants, plus plenty of other uses.

    I have been a practicing dentist from 20 years and using low level lasers since 10.. to find a professional cold laser device with oral applicator at such low price is much appreciated.

  3. Roy M.

    The LLLT complete is an fantastic photobiomodulation therapy system. I have used my Laser for over 3 months now. The speed of improvement in clients pain and recovery is wonderful. This laser is used regularly every day and is here to stay for any traumatic treatment needed as well as an aid for a allergic and seasonal flare-ups that, many times, clients were told that they must live with. I would no longer feel comfortable practicing without a good low level laser. The LLLT complete by is definitely the ‘big boy’ of PBM.

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