MAS Special Multi+


The MAS Special Multi+ PEMF device is one of the most versatile PEMF devices in the market. With a Frequency range of upto 9999 Hz, 4 types of wave forms and the ability for it’s users to create custom programs, there is no doubt that it’s the most versatile when it comes to frequencies and waveforms for PEMF therapy.



MAS SPECIAL MULTI+ is supplied with a control unit and two applicators: A body-sized mat and a cushion for targeted application.

Field strength of up to 100 Gauss (10 mT)
Sinus-wave frequency adjustable from 1-9999 Hz
Additional programmable waveforms including rectangle, sawtooth, triangle
Various fields of application: Wellness applications (wellness, reflex zones, bio rhythm and frequency bands), sports and therapy.
94 pre-set programs
30 Programmable sinus-wave settings for custom frequencies

No other PEMF machine on the consumer market has all these features!


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