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Big Magic is an affordable PEMF mat system which provides a nutritious PEMF experience using 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) Square Wave. The PEMF mat is unique from others as it doesn’t have multiple individual coils that create pockets of PEMFs. You can order the MiraMate Big Magic PEMF machine from our website or directly from Miramate. Below you can read  our review and learn more about this PEMF machine’s features and order online from anywhere in the world!

  • Maximum Intensity: 80 Gauss
  • Mat Size: Basic Mat: 1' 11" x 7" Deluxe Mat: 2' x 1' 8"
  • Waveform: Square
  • Frequency Range: 7.83 Hz
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Max Program Duration: Unlimited
  • Power Supply: USB & 5v AC Adapter
  • Warranty: 1 year on control unit and 6 months on PEMF mat
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The MiraMate Big Magic PEMF mat system is powered with USB adapter and you can choose the pin adapter as per your region while making a purchase. This is a great development for the PEMF industry, as the cost has been prohibitive so far for most people, especially those who are seeking a powerful PEMF mat.

3 power levels ensure it can be applied at suitable intensity with a maximum of up to 80 Gauss which is quite strong compared to most other PEMF systems costing a lot more. Other commonly found PEMF products on Amazon usually never go over 3 Gauss in intensity and cost as much as the MiraMate Big Magic PEMF mat.

While you can’t treat the whole-body with it, it can certainly be used to treat large areas such as back, pelvis or knees/legs. The bi-directional pulse ensures that the cells are never over-charged but stimulated constantly. This allows maximum stimulation and almost no “tiredness” of using PEMF.

What’s in the box:

  1. Control unit
  2. PEMF Mat(s)
  3. Coil Tester
  4. 5V DC USB Power Adapter with choice of pin


8 reviews for MiraMate Big Magic

  1. Wilbert C.

    The big Magic PEMF mat is quite powerful. The pad feels nice and comfortable. I’ve tried it on eyes, ears, brain and joints, and it helped a lot for each application. The amplitude is great enough that I have to reduce it sometimes, so that is good for me as I like the extra power for knee and lower back pain. Long drives don’t feel tiring anymore! The support provided is great as well as the documentation goes in-depth. Loving it, thank you!

  2. Johny C.

    My wife and I each have this PEMF device with the Deluxe Mat. We find that our sleep has improved considerably and also wake up much more energetic than before. After 3 months of use, we have been recommending it to our friends and family members. You have been proactive in your support, we’ve now purchased the OMI Pads for my mom and are looking forward to trying the whole-body experience. Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful website!

  3. David M.

    Nice system and easy to use. Good piece for those new to PEMF therapy devices and want to test the waves. Found relief from leg pain and good sleep, going to consider a whole-body mat for sure!

  4. Angel P.

    An 83 year old lady failed back surgery. Pain relief injections didn’t help. Constant chronic pain in back and nerve pain in leg. Using the MiraMate Big Magic PEMF mat when on sofa for up to 8 hours a day. Has improved quality of life since using. Pain not completely gone but definitely helps. Was skeptical but it definitely works!

  5. Mitra T.

    I’m 69 and have been using the big magic pemf mat since 3 months now. I purchased the product from and find the quality to be great and delivery time commendable given the current situation. The mat’s surface is very nice and feels good to lie on. I generally put my cheek against the mat and rest for 15-20 mins, that provides a good relaxing and rejuvenative effect. I also apply it to the lower back, stomach and knees for pain relief. Once again, very good pain relieving action. Thank you for such a good PEMF mat at such a low price.

  6. Justin D.

    The Big Magic is an awesome system. I usually use level 2 for good sleep. Using it all night, the effects are something else altogether – higher energy and stamina, overwhelming really to find such new energy in life!

  7. Lara D.

    My husband Robert (60 yo) says that the MiraMate PEMF mat has substantially helped his pain from the car accident, he used to have nightmares every night before starting using the Big Magic PEMF mat and they have totally ceased since he started using it. He feels refreshed every morning. It has even helped joint pain problems, and he wanted to say thank you again for this great opportunity to use a pemf device at an affordable price.

  8. Karen H.

    I love the Miramate Big Magic! My husband and I use it regularly. If I do too much strenuous exercise, like mowing the lawn, and my hips act up, I sleep with the Big Magic under my hips and it helps greatly. Usually by the time I get up in the morning, my hips feel fine.

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