OMI Pads Full Body PEMF Mat

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US$ 1,199.00

OMI PEMF mat devices have a whole-body PEMF Mat (2.2 Gauss) and a controller with 3 programs. It’s a unique whole-body PEMF machine that has some great features including the ability to choose any frequency for PEMF application. Free worldwide shipping!

Experience a much more effective PEMF therapy experience with it’s innovative sine waveform and up to 99 Hz frequency range that surpasses anything else out there in this price range. All in all, if you’re looking for a whole-body PEMF machine for your clinic or home, the OMI Full body PEMF Mat is a great choice!

  • Maximum Intensity: 2.2 Gauss
  • Mat Size: 5.42' x 2.13'
  • Waveform: Sine
  • Frequency Range: 1 Hz - 99 Hz
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Max Program Duration: 30 mins
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor 100-240 V
  • Trial Period: 30 days
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping


The OMI Pads are made from high quality durable, washable synthetic leather. The mat can be folded into fourths and the system has 3 program modes that use a sinusoidal waveform to deliver efficacious pulsed electromagnetic fields to the whole body.

Program 1: The PEMF frequency gradually cycles between 3 Hz and 38 Hz.
Program 2: The PEMF frequency randomly changes between 1-99 Hz, providing maximum stimulation. The randomized effect ensures that tissues are never stressed with a single frequency.
Program 3: Allows you to choose any frequency for PEMF treatment.

The system is easy to use. Simply choose a program, set the timer for duration of use, and simply lie down on the PEMF mat.

The PEMF mat is 5.42 feet long and 2.13 feet wide. The effective power of the OMI Pads PEMF mat is much higher than many PEMF mat type systems that cost more, and it also delivers more energy into the body compared to localized PEMF systems where you would place a high-intensity coil under the mattress.

When laying on the OMI PEMF mat, it becomes possible to treat the entire body with nutritious magnetic fields and also get an even field that energizes the body more precisely due to 8 large coils. The OMI PEMF device is more powerful & versatile than any other PEMF therapy mat that cost up to 2 times more.

What’s is the box?

    • Whole-body PEMF Mat 65”x25” (165 cm x 65cm)
    • Control Unit
    • DC Mains Power Adaptor
    • Instruction Manual

17 reviews for OMI Pads Full Body PEMF Mat

  1. Susie Q

    The OMI Pads PEMF mat has made a huge improvement to my sleep. Last night, once again, I slept 8 hours! This is a miracle for me after only being able to sleep 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours for the past 20 years. I’ve gone through all of the different setting and found P3 with 8 hz to work the best for me. I’m 58 and loving it!

  2. Carla B.

    The OMI Pads PEMF mat system is simply amazing. The pricing is really very economical compared to any other expensive PEMF machine. I surveyed many brands before deciding on this one, my decision was based on the level of support and the responsiveness of the support team as well as the knowledge they exhibited. I’m 62 and have been using it from little over a month now, about 60 minutes a day so far in 2 sessions. I’ve found improved flexibility (shoulders, waist) and lesser pain. There has been huge improvement in back pain and joint pain issues. I don’t believe in popping pills or taking injections and have always seeked remedies such as PEMF to re-balance myself. OMI PEMF mat is the best I’ve used so far and I believe it should help for years to come!

  3. Keith W.

    I’m 42 and work as a wealth management consultant, and as you can imagine my life is super busy. I literally couldn’t sleep at least a few days each month due to our market positions and pure pressure at work. I came across Omi full body pemf mat as a personal PEMF device reported to be great for stress and sleep. After 1 week of use, I found myself to be much more relaxed than before and was passing out within a few minutes of hitting the sack, the P1 program is really great. From week 2, after learning about 10 Hz, I decided to try that. At 10 Hz, i felt my mental performance soar. I wasn’t getting tired and was also able to find sleep on time. Now after a year of use, I’m a big fan of the OMI Pads and what it does. It’s really spectacular.

  4. Mila Nazarenko

    I have my OMI Pads from about 1 year now. I’m 45 years young, and was suffering to back pain due to long work hours at my desk. My backpain vanished after i started using it at night time during sleep, i also experienced anti-depression effects as well as higher energy during the day. it really helped me find more time and be stress free again.

  5. Gerry P.

    I’m 56 and found this PEMF system to be totally worth it. For this avid golfer, the system has improved my swing and distance. I’m frankly surprised by the results, simply too good! I would recommend this system for anyone in pain. I noticef remarkable improvements in ability to move and lesser pain after 15 days of daily use for just 30 minutes. After 90 days I feel like I’m in a new suit!

  6. Aliya R.

    I’m 37 and have been using the OMI Pads from more than a month. I think the mat has a excellent effect on fatigue, reducing the severity/intensity of symptoms such as flare ups and crashes, in improving sleep, and in promoting better mood and a deeper sense of well-being. I credit it, along with 1-2 other things, with preventing me from crashing more severely after several highly stressful transitions/moves during this period.

  7. J. Relke

    I am a female in my mid sixties and in spite of recent decades of practicing a healthy lifestyle, I have had numerous health challenges over the years due to mercury toxicity while growing up with a mouthful of mercury amalgam fillings and had finally enlisted the help of an alternative health physician. As I approach the home stretch on the wellness path, I was very happy to discover the health benefits of inhaling molecular H2 from the compact and portable machine ordered from this website. I use it at my bedside for 3 or 4 hours during the night. More recently I have begun using PEMF devices like the mats and the PEMF Medallion and I so much appreciated that a defective Medallion was promptly replaced! Naturopathic testing shows that I still have a bit of a ways to go to be free of ongoing mild fatigue from overworked adrenals as a result of detoxing that is almost complete. However, I can easily do long, almost daily walks as well as other simple fitness routines, and I am encouraged that I have no inflammation or pain except if I’ve done strenuous work. Thanks to the above mentioned PEMF devices, I can recover quickly, and I do get bursts of energy, and I am sleeping well. My son and his wife are personal trainers and had become familiar with Hydrogen therapy. They were delighted to receive from me a gift of the same type of Hydrogen inhalation machine that I have. Now they can cut back on the high cost of H2 tablets. I’ll end by saying that I have very much appreciate the excellent customer service by this company!

  8. Gary Myers

    I’m 64 years old and play golf regularly. One of my buddies at the course recommended I get a OMI Pads to improve my flexibility and stamina issues. First time out on the course after a month of use, I shot a 75 and I hadn’t shot 70’s for more than a decade. I was a scratch golfer back when I was young. This means a lot to me as an avid golf player with a focus on using it for improving my health and lifestyle. My wife also feels much more positive and uses the system regularly for 30 mins sessions. I’ve also found it to be really great for concentration, focus and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

  9. Dana P.

    The OMI Pads is a great PEMF system. I’ve been using it since 3 years now and it has helped me beat depression and anxiety. I have much lesser joint and back pain issues now than ever. Really thankful for such an affordable option. I recently gifted of 4 of them to my daughters and other family members. Its really remarkable, the difference in your mental performance that you can find with these systems. All the best and thanks for the opportunity to write a OMI Pads review, it’s definitely worth spreading the word!

  10. Mathew J.

    I’m 67 and do weight training. Before using the Omi Pads PEMF mats I was doing back squat 75 pounds and dead lift 125 pounds. I also had a degenerated disc in neck resulting in quite a sharp pain in neck and shoulders. After 2 weeks of using OMI Pads for up to 2 hours a day, I found my pain reduced by half and found that my energy seemed to last longer throughout the day. And now after 3 months of daily PEMF use, I am so happy! My pain just about completely gone, back squat 95 pounds and dead lift 145 pounds. I have more energy, less to no pain and my mood has improved. I wake up every morning ready to face the day and not sluggish like I used to. All credit goes to this excellent PEMF device and your excellent support!

  11. Julie T.

    What a steal! I can’t imagine just how economical this system is compared to other wholebody PEMF mats. I almost thought it would not work given all the other brands agressively promoting higher power. Now after experiencing this myself, I’m speechless! I use it for about 2 hours everyday and in 2 weeks I feel like I’m in a new suit. My range of motion is better, I feel more energetic and mood is amazing! No wonder you decided to drop all other expensive products from your website, great choice!

  12. Chip W.

    According to me, the OMI Pads is the best PEMF mat out there. You may well be paying
    thousands of dollars more for similar effects. This is my 3rd full-body OMI Pads system and I bought the latest one for my daughter. She really loves it, now she has it and we can all finally sleep well! Delivery is very fast (we received ours in 3 days in NY) and support provided by your company is very thorough. Thank you!

  13. Matt L.

    I initially bought this for my dad who had parkinson and he found some great results, his sleep improved and also he has more energy than before. Within 3 months of use, his movement and speech has become better as well. We now have 3 of these, one for each bedroom in our apartment. Yes, its that good! Thank you for getting the word out about this wonderful piece of technology.

  14. Stefan Fit

    I can say this confidently that you may close your eyes and go for the OMI Pads PEMF system. This is certainly a top of the line PEMF mat is highly effective for all sorts of pain. i experienced about 50% increase in my workout reps after 4 months of use. After 9 months now, the effects have plateaued slightly, but i still have 50% more stamina than before using this system. Great for realizing your body’s true potential and healthy detox effects, i rarely get a hangover now!

  15. Louis R.

    The OMI Pads is the great PEMF mat for sure. Quite powerful compared to most other PEMF mats meant for regular use. There has been a huge difference in the quality of life since the last month of using this system. I’m 58 and don’t have any drastic health issues besides the occasional allergy or back pain outbreak. This system makes me feel like I’m in a new suit and invincible to work and stress. Really worth every dollar! The customized programming is something I found to be quite useful for applying PEMF based on subtle energy science and geometry of life itself.

  16. Nathalie J.

    I first heard about the OMI PEMF Pads from a friend in summer 2017. At that time, I had issues with feeling energetic and also slept very little. I purchased the system. Within 3 days, I was in a completely different energy zone! I was able to perform better at school as a teacher, at home as a mother and my husband also performed better and felt awesome.

  17. Randall B.

    My wife and I love our OMI PEMF system. It’s been over 6 months since we started using it and our bone health and pain issues are basically taken care of. It has been quite easy to use and since it allows two applicators (pillow and mat), we are both able to use the system at the same time. Works great for sleep and we feel clearer and younger. I now consider this to be the best gift possible. Thank you!

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