OMI Pads Full Body PEMF Mat

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OMI PEMF mat devices have a whole-body PEMF Mat (2.2 Gauss) and a controller with 3 programs. It’s a unique whole-body PEMF machine that has some great features including the ability to choose any frequency for PEMF application. Free worldwide shipping!

Experience a much more effective PEMF therapy experience with it’s innovative sine waveform and up to 99 Hz frequency range that surpasses anything else out there in this price range. All in all, if you’re looking for a whole-body PEMF machine for your clinic or home, the OMI Full body PEMF Mat is a great choice!

  • Maximum Intensity: 2.2 Gauss
  • Mat Size: 5.42' x 2.13'
  • Waveform: Sine
  • Frequency Range: 1 Hz - 99 Hz
  • Number of Programs: 3
  • Max Program Duration: 1 hour
  • Power Supply: DC Adaptor
  • Trial Period: 30 days
  • Warranty: 3 years


The OMI Pads are made from high quality durable, washable synthetic leather. The mat can be folded into fourths and the system has 3 program modes that use a sinusoidal waveform to deliver efficacious pulsed electromagnetic fields to the whole body.

Program 1: The PEMF frequency gradually cycles between 3 Hz and 38 Hz.
Program 2: The PEMF frequency randomly changes between 1-99 Hz, providing maximum stimulation. The randomized effect ensures that tissues are never stressed with a single frequency.
Program 3: Allows you to choose any frequency for PEMF treatment.

The system is easy to use. Simply choose a program, set the timer for duration of use, and simply lie down on the PEMF mat.

The PEMF mat is 5.42 feet long and 2.13 feet wide. The effective power of the OMI Pads PEMF mat is much higher than many PEMF mat type systems that cost more, and it also delivers more energy into the body compared to localized PEMF systems where you would place a high-intensity coil under the mattress.

When laying on the OMI PEMF mat, it becomes possible to treat the entire body with nutritious magnetic fields and also get an even field that energizes the body more precisely due to 8 large coils. The OMI PEMF device is more powerful & versatile than any other PEMF therapy mat that cost up to 2 times more.

What’s is the box?

    • Whole-body PEMF Mat 65”x25” (165 cm x 65cm)
    • Control Unit
    • DC Mains Power Adaptor
    • Instruction Manual

8 reviews for OMI Pads Full Body PEMF Mat

  1. Mathew J.

    I’m 67 and do weight training. Before using the Omi Pads PEMF mats I was doing back squat 75 pounds and dead lift 125 pounds. I also had a degenerated disc in neck resulting in quite a sharp pain in neck and shoulders. After 2 weeks of using Pulse Pro for up to 12 hours a day, I found my pain reduced by half and found that my energy seemed to last longer throughout the day. And now after 3 months of daily PEMF use, I am so happy! My pain just about completely gone, back squat 95 pounds and dead lift 145 pounds. I have more energy, less to no pain and my mood has improved. I wake up every morning ready to face the day and not sluggish like I used to. All credit goes to this excellent PEMF device and your excellent support!

  2. Julie T.

    What a steal! I can’t imagine just how economical this system is compared to other wholebody PEMF mats. I almost thought it would not work given all the other brands agressively promoting higher power. Now after experiencing this myself, I’m speechless! I use it for about 2 hours everyday and in 2 weeks I feel like I’m in a new suit. My range of motion is better, I feel more energetic and mood is amazing! No wonder you decided to drop all other expensive products from your website, great choice!

  3. Chip W.

    According to me, the OMI Pads is the best PEMF mat out there. You may well be paying
    thousands of dollars more for similar effects. This is my 3rd full-body OMI Pads system and I bought the latest one for my daughter. She really loves it, now she has it and we can all finally sleep well! Delivery is very fast (we received ours in 3 days in NY) and support provided by your company is very thorough. Thank you!

  4. Matt L.

    I initially bought this for my dad who had parkinson and he found some great results, his sleep improved and also he has more energy than before. Within 3 months of use, his movement and speech has become better as well. We now have 3 of these, one for each bedroom in our apartment. Yes, its that good! Thank you for getting the word out about this wonderful piece of technology.

  5. Stefan Fit

    I can say this confidently that you may close your eyes and go for the OMI Pads PEMF system. This is certainly a top of the line PEMF mat is highly effective for all sorts of pain. i experienced about 50% increase in my workout reps after 4 months of use. After 9 months now, the effects have plateaued slightly, but i still have 50% more stamina than before using this system. Great for realizing your body’s true potential and healthy detox effects, i rarely get a hangover now!

  6. Louis R.

    The OMI Pads is the great PEMF mat for sure. Quite powerful compared to most other PEMF mats meant for regular use. There has been a huge difference in the quality of life since the last month of using this system. I’m 58 and don’t have any drastic health issues besides the occasional allergy or back pain outbreak. This system makes me feel like I’m in a new suit and invincible to work and stress. Really worth every dollar! The customized programming is something I found to be quite useful for applying PEMF based on subtle energy science and geometry of life itself.

  7. Nathalie J.

    I first heard about the OMI PEMF Pads from a friend in summer 2017. At that time, I had issues with feeling energetic and also slept very little. I purchased the system. Within 3 days, I was in a completely different energy zone! I was able to perform better at school as a teacher, at home as a mother and my husband also performed better and felt awesome.

  8. Randall B.

    My wife and I love our OMI PEMF system. It’s been over 6 months since we started using it and our bone health and pain issues are basically taken care of. It has been quite easy to use and since it allows two applicators (pillow and mat), we are both able to use the system at the same time. Works great for sleep and we feel clearer and younger. I now consider this to be the best gift possible. Thank you!

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