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The BioBalance PEMF device is more powerful & versatile than any other PEMF therapy mat. It combines a whole-body PEMF Mat with a local application pad.

It’s the only PEMF therapy mat type system that has 21 electromagnetic therapy coils inside it’s PEMF mat, as opposed to less than 10 in most other popular PEMF brands such as OMI*, iMRS*, Bemer* or indeed anything else out there. Resulting in a much more powerful PEMF therapy experience than any other PEMF mat in the market today. It’s waveform and frequency range also surpasses anything else out there. All in all, if you’re looking for a PEMF mat-type system, the BioBalance is your best bet!



The BioBalance PEMF device has 6 program modes and uses a broadband sinusoidal waveform. This allows additional harmonic PEMF frequencies in addition to the main frequency used in their programming.

Program modes include Balance, Alert, Relax, Sleep, Recovery, and Sweep. Therapeutic frequencies are preset and within the normal brainwave state range (0.5 Hz to 23 Hz). Harmonic frequencies in the background range from 300 Hz to 1,000 Hz.

The maximum magnetic field amplitude of the BioBalance PEMF device is 10 Gauss on the small pillow pad and 5 Gauss on the whole-body PEMF mat. Intensities are adjustable from 1% to 100%, with 1% to 10% adjustable in 1% increments, and 10% to 100% adjustable in 10% increments.

Applicators – PEMF Mat and PEMF Pad – may be used separately or at the same time (without intensity loss). The PEMF mat is 5.66 feet long and 1.2 feet wide.

The BioBalance’s timer is quite good too. It can be set anywhere between 10 minutes and 12 hours, so this unit can be used overnight just like an EarthPulse system for nighttime PEMF therapy.

The PEMF device’s controller also has a USB port, so programs and operating system of the BioBalance can be updated as and when updates are released.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr Ranjeet

    Biobalance is the best PEMF mat I have come across. The magnetic field produced is superior to anything out there. This is what I have been recommending to all my clients, family and friends. It’s been around from just about a year now and I was lucky to buy one of the first units from Dr. Pawluk. Although I had one of the other PEMF mats, I needed a new one for my clinic. I can say that PEMF does not get better than this, excellent for what it can do and easy enough to use at home for long-term and sleep time use. Rapid recovery observed for a variety of modern problems.

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