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Q Magnets

Q Magnets are some of the world’s most powerful and effective therapeutic magnets for rapid pain relief used by some of the most forwarding thinking therapists and top athletes on the world stage including USA Rugby, the Australian cricket team, Mixed Martial Arts & Motocross to name a few. We can see that, all these players experience injuries on a day-to-day basis, so it’s pertinent for their physiotherapists to reduce inflammation and improve range of motion.

For home users, especially those suffering with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, etc., Q Magnets reviews indicate near instant pain relief, some of the users were using pain medications from more than 15 years!

Online support is provided by physiotherapists and the products have been developed, tested and approved by neurologists since more than 10 years.

Unlike PEMF devices, Q Magnets produce multi-polar magnetic field gradients. These magnetic field gradients are perfectly symmetrical and provide dramatic, near instant pain relief, much faster than any PEMF. While PEMF does help with pain and inflammation, Q Magnets together with PEMF would reduce pain and boost recovery even faster. Especially in case of new injuries or pain conditions, PEMF may increase the pain for a few days or temporaily as the blood circulation improves, so Q Magnets are a great adjunct therapy to reduce pain while starting on PEMF therapy.

Q Magnets relieve pain through the direct application of an external magnetic field from a non-invasive wearable device. After 10 years of research including in-vitro cell studies and randomized controlled trials by a group of neurologists at Vanderbilt Medical University lead by Dr Michael J. McLean, M.D., Ph.D., it was concluded that the most likely mechanism of action is that the steep field gradients generated by the quadrapolar magnetic field is altering nerve excitability as a result of changes in membrane permeability to Na+ and Ca2+ ions.

Such effects are simply not possible with the common bipolar magnet therapy products available in Walmart or Amazon. Q magnets are much more effective due to their unique and patented multi-polar design. In terms of field intensity, these are rated 45 MGOe (Gauss•Oerstedx10^6), we’re talking Mega-Gauss! That means they are the most powerful therapeutic magnets, and add to that they’ve been optimized by neurologists to provide pain reduction.

There are 44 types of therapeutic magnets as well as magnetic mattress pads you can buy. These have varying sizes, field force and field penetration. You would choose a magnet based on the location of the nerve you are targeting for treatment. They offer magnetic field therapy kits that cost USD 200 onwards that include a variety of magnets. The largest therapeutic magnet, the OF50-3 is the world’s only octapolar magnet for pain relief and is simply amazing and should be tried for sure. At just 5 cm in width its field is able to reach even the deepest seated lower back nerves.

Magnets for Sale - Q Magnet therapy devices

Magnetic Mattress Pads

Q Magnets also makes Magnetic Field Therapy Blankets or magnetic mattresses pads. Magnetic Mattress Pads helping provide support for those suffering pain. Read research review and learn how magnetic mats can help relieve pain

These magnetic mattress pads have 13 or 28 powerful Quadrapolar magnets are strategically placed in a matrix for optimum circulation of therapeutic magnetic fields. Q Blankets offer comfort along with rapid pain relief. You can find all Q Magnets for sale and compare their features on their Magnetic Therapy Shop. 

4 reviews for Q Magnets

  1. PEMF-Devices.com

    I am a National Gold Medalist Martial Artist and use the magnets for injuries and to reduce bruises and swelling. They are a part of my life. The best thing I love about Q Magnets is the fast action, I’m able to find relief from most sports injury pain within the same day. i love that this a complete natural healing method.

  2. Helen D.

    I’m 53 and ordered the Q Magnets to help with neck and cervical spinal pain (right sided). I was stiff and feeling pain on movement. I’ve been using the Q Magnets nightly since 2 months now. The magnets are placed on either side of cervical spine or on right shoulder near neck. I’ve found substantial pain relief with Q Magnets. They look professional and actually work. Keen to try the Q Blankets magnetic mattress pads now.

  3. Patty

    I’m a 85 y/o female. Due to spinal surgery to remove a small tumor, there has been a residual nerve damage and some numbness across the back and to the legs causing stiffness as well as slight unsteadiness when walking. Also I had discomfort in hips and butt.

    I’ve been using the Q Magnets and their magnetic mattress pads, for about 30 minutes per session since the last 2 months. I have lain on the Q blanket, slept on it, sat on it and wrapped in it – and the comfort was always immediate.

    When I’m up, I place the Q magnets on the spine at the back of the neck where the incision begins. I like that they apply easily and can be worn unseen under clothing. The best one that works for me in 28-3.

    Also – I love the freebies and would recommend Q Magnets products and services to anyone going through pain.

  4. Mark W.

    My Dad is getting great relief from his Q blanket which we recently purchased. He has spinal stenosis as well as two lower back fractures which compression caused Parkinson’s-like symptoms.

    He can now sleep straight through the night without any pain and can also rise in the mornings without the sharp pains he used to experience.

    He only has minor discomfort infrequently during the day now which is a huge blessing for us as all the specialists could offer was spinal fusion and ‘concrete’ sealing of the fractures and no real guarantees of actual pain relief.

    We are very grateful for this product offering and the life changing impact it has had on his quality of life.

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