List of Regenerative Devices in Science Fiction, Role of Sci-Fi in Technology Advancement; Cold Laser Therapy; H2-O2 & More!

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The role of science fiction in the evolution of technology including regenerative devices is undeniable. As a child, many of us were highly fascinated by the works of Isaac Asimov. His books are widely available and he’s one of the most well-known science fiction writers of our time. As a teenager growing up, the exploration of the world and indeed the nature of reality itself depended on fiction (besides family vacations and city trips).

Asimov for many defined – nature of social structures and the use of science and technology by mankind for survival. His imagination there is spectacular including the role of human emotions displayed by scientists in the destiny of mankind. Apart from the spiritual and human aspect of his work, space travel, communication technology and robotics were of course the main theme.

Science-fiction has always inspired engineers for their innovations, and many objects have become a reality in the last decade which first appeared in sci-fi novels. For example, smartwatches, tablets and smartphones and even the internet were first discussed as science fiction.

Similarly, in the field of longevity science, brilliant thinkers are always discussing ideas and then experimentation starts from cells and tissues to plants and animals. Looking at the literature, there are many exciting works of science fiction from as long back as 30s which are only happening now.

Currently, the hit show Orville has an interesting range of treatment devices, however we were so disappointed as most of them don’t really do anything we can’t already do (to a certain extent) 🙂

A follicle stimulator gives Bortus a mustache.
Gordon regrows his leg under a Mass Tissue Regenerator.

We’re pretty sure there was also a handheld wound healing laser device in Orville!

Sci-fi entertainment apart, let’s now look at the scientific reality that we’ve been engaging in the most lately!

Cold Laser Therapy

The next generation of light therapy promises to go beyond laser hair/skin removal/growth and fat loss by directly stimulating the body’s cells through infrared wavelengths of light. Sounds like science-fiction?

Research shows that  cold laser therapy can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. Cold laser therapy functions by improving mitochondrial energy production by stimulating the enzyme CCO and increasing ATP synthesis. Cold laser therapy also has brain stimulation effects resulting in neuroprotection and helping prevent the spread of brain cell death after injury.

So far in 2022, cold laser therapy has been studied for tissue repair and pain control, neck pain, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic low back pain, acute pain in lumbar disc herniation, facial swelling, wound healing, tendinopathy, Achilles tendonitis, osteoarthritis and many more chronic conditions. In 2023, we are sure to see the use of cold laser therapy to be studied for many more conditions as it has repetitively shown to be working on the fundamental cellular level, helping regenerate and restore function to many cell types. 

Cold Laser Therapy Devices

Cold laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment that uses low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to stimulate healing in the body. The laser or LED emits photons, which are absorbed by the cells and convert into chemical energy that can be used to repair damaged tissue or promote healing. 

Cold laser therapy can be applied to the brain using transcranial LLLT/cold laser helmet devices and also via intra-aural, intra-nasal, intra-oral near infrared light therapy devices to target the brain tissues. 

Transcranial Photobiomodulation Helmet & LLLT Complete Cold Laser Therapy Devices

For most applications for musculoskeletal issues, a simple light pad with the right wavelengths is the best cold laser for home use. 

Molecular Hydrogen Therapies

Pure H2 inhalation, and hydrogen water, and inhalation of H2-O2 mixture or Oxyhydrogen are the molecular hydrogen therapies with substantial research now available.

One recent study gives weight to why we like hydrogen inhalation machines that also add oxygen to the mix. In this new study, the scientists found benefits with hydrogen inhalation on hearing improvement in patients with deafness after radiotherapy/chemotherapy

In another recent study, it was found that inhaling H2 + O2 may reduce the inspiratory effort in patients with acute severe tracheal stenosis and can be used for this purpose safely. In another multicenter RCT, inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen mixture was found to be superior to oxygen in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD).

Women will go crazy over H2 inhalation when they discover what it can do for their skin. H2 water bathing is also quite efficacious for skin inflammation conditions. Athletes too can benefit greatly with hydrogen.

H2 is also a novel neuroprotective. In the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Treatment in Acute Cerebral Infarction was safe and effective in patients with acute cerebral infarction.

All these results suggest a potential for widespread and general application of H2, which we believe qualifies molecular hydrogen to be a universal panacea for anti-aging, sustenance and enhancement.

Hydrogen Inhalation Machines

After trying dozens of manufacturers, we finally found the best technology and bring these two systems for our customers – one is light-weight 150 mL/min H2+O2 machine and the other is a full-featured molecular hydrogen system that provides 600 mL/min H2 with an optional upgrade of adding 300 mL/min of O2. Both provide hydrogen-rich water and molecular hydrogen inhalation and require no technical maintenance, you just need to add purified or distilled water to use.

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Basic

Learn more and order online

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Pro

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We hope you take the time to explore these valuable break-through longevity technologies. Of course, one hydrogen inhaler will serve an entire family. Maximum use is around 4 hours a day for bringing someone back from the edge of life. Two hours a day will keep you young, for almost ever, but when facing death, there is no real limit to how much hydrogen one can inhale or drink.

We welcome your enquiries and also work closely with practitioners including physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists and natural medicine doctors among many others. There are always have special offers and opportunities for practitioners. As always please feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

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Molecular Hydrogen is Saving Lives

molecular hydrogen inhalation benefits

Hydrogen has shocked, it has surprised, it has humbled, and again and again, it has guided physicists to new vistas of thought. And now it’s time for hydrogen to do its magic in the field of longevity.

Hydrogen is taking modern technology by storm as hundreds of scientific studies are being released all of which indicate that millions of lives can be saved, and much suffering avoided when hydrogen takes the lead position in treatment protocols.

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