Thyroid Nodule Treatment with PEMF Therapy

by | Feb 19, 2020 | PEMF Therapy

Thyroid nodule treatment with PEMF Therapy reduces need for thyroid supplements for hypothyroid or under active thyroid. Read this research review to learn how magnetic stimulation benefits thyroid.

hypothyroid PEMF therapy treatment

Thyroid nodules are in the thyroid gland which is a highly vascular organ situated in the neck just above the meeting point of collar bones. Any swelling over this area which appears to be isolated could indicate a problem. Most of these swellings are a simple nodular goiter formed by inactive colloid, although it can also be a toxic multi-nodular goiter. It can be benign or malignant condition if it’s thyroid cancer. That depends on the diagnosis. Before we learn about PEMF therapy research for thyroid, let’s what the norm for treatment is now.

Conventional Thyroid Nodules Treatment

The conventional thyroid nodule treatment would be through surgical operation by excision of the nodule along with which some of the healthy thyroid tissue also has to be excised resulting in reduced amount of thyroid hormones causing hypothyroidism which follows further complications .

Thyroid symptoms such as swelling are often accompanied with irregular levels of thyroid hormone as well as thyroid stimulating hormone and hence for the treatment of such cases thyroid hormones are required in synthetic form. All these complications of surgery and drug dosage can be reduced or even avoided by adopting thyroid nodule treatment with PEMF therapy during nighttime.

Thyroid Nodule Treatment with PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy is an easy, reliable and less complicated method of increasing thyroid stimulating hormone in our body naturally without the need of taking up hormones orally, and thus providing relief from hypothyroidism and under active thyroid conditions. According to a published research since 1996, PEMFs or pulse electromagnetic fields immediately affect thyroid nodules. There is a sudden increase of thyroid stimulating hormone at the plasma level.

A research review about PEMF found that PEMF therapy can also help imptove the outcome of thyroid cancer patients.​1​ In 2017, a clinical trial conducted by prestigious universities in China concluded that magnetic stimulation applied to the brain at 10 Hz is able to improve thyroid levels. ​2​

Another study conducted in Japan in 2010, found that magnetic field therapies can improve thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. ​3​

As PEMF is also proven to improve depression symptoms, which are often responsible for low-thyroid levels, it’s easy to see how it can also benefit thyroid issues. A trial conducted by the Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania found that magnetic stimulation can improve mood and stimulate TSH release in patients experiencing major depressive episodes. ​4​ Similarly as early 1996, scientists from the Medical University of South Carolina found that magnetic stimulation can potential improve mood and neuroendocrine functions.​5​

PEMF Therapy as an “Autoimmune” Tool

Any hypothyroid patient if asked about the treatments would appear exhausted to you because of such an extensive treatment which might even have involved an oral intake of thyroid hormones. Besides, there are numerous other symptoms that arise due to fall in thyroid levels, to treat these symptoms another great deal of drugs is prescribed. All of this consumption is not natural, it takes our immune response down. Any substance taken synthetically which is meant to be provided naturally would always have its exhausting effects on any individual.

Any person dependent on taking these hormones to keep his/her body functioning normally would seek an alternate method of healing which is more natural such as PEMF Therapy. A body which has been so much weakened by the excessive use of heavy drugs can be revived when its immune response increases. As the electromagnetic activity in cells increases it naturally is boosting our immunity, increasing our immune response, hence our body is healing our own self. What better way of treatment when we can heal our own self.

PEMF therapy devices require very little effort to use. Simply switch on the device, select your favorite program or frequency and simply sleep or relax. They do the exact work required by stimulating cells to heal naturally on their own.

Thyroid treatment with PEMF Therapy allows to even completely quit thyroid drugs. A natural way of treatment, requiring no synthetic agents, providing a satisfactory and less complicated, less exhaustive solution, what else do we need?

Everyone uses their intellect when it comes to choosing the best suitable treatment for them or their loved ones. We are all looking for a way where we don’t require to consume additional chemical supplements or drugs which weaken our immune system. And now there is way to avoid all the exhausting and self wrecking treatments, a way where you heal yourself and do all the work for you which the heavy drugs could never have done. Thyroid nodule treatment with PEMF therapy is the perfect way towards gentler, more effective healing


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