Wellness Technologies

Wellness technologies provide effective solutions to improve health and well-being. There are thousands of wellness technologies in the market today, including digital wellness technologies which include tele-medicine and health and fitness monitoring devices, as also anti-aging, pain relief and regenerative health technologies.

Implementing wellness technologies in your lifestyle means that you act proactively to improve your wellness quotient, and not reactively, although several of these do work great as adjunct treatment during recovery as well.

For a wellness technology to provide best results, it is pertinent to have a healthy living lifestyle and also to protect yourself from modern environmental problems such as pollution, EMF (Electromagnetic field) pollution and junk food.

We currently publish research review articles and review some wellness devices that we found to be effectiveWe also work with professional practitioners and are in the process of working more with digital wellness initiatives. 

Apart from PEMF, our current stack of wellness technologies that are non-invasive, safe and effective on a cellular level include cold laser (low-level laser) therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, static magnetic field therapy and more !  These have great potential to transform wellness of any individual, team or organization when applied skillfully. 


Wellness Tech Articles

Learn about our favorite wellness technologies based on clinical research. These research review explain what the wellness technology is, how it works and its actions and benefits based on published clinical trials and cell science.

Static magnetic field therapy

Static magnetic field therapy

Learn about magnet therapy and the benefits of magnetic field therapy for a variety of pain conditions based on published clinical research on magnetic therapy.

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Cold Laser therapy

Cold Laser therapy

Learn what is cold laser therapy, how LLLT works and what are the effects and benefits of low-level laser therapy based on published clinical research.

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Wellness Tech Products

Discover some of the leading and proven wellness technology devices that we found to have a substantial benefit. These are meant to promote neurological, physiological or mental well-being for seniors and sports players alike. All products are shipped worldwide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like a wholesale/bulk quote.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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