Yoga and PEMF Therapy

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Experts Buzz

If you’d like to improve your Yoga or Pranayama sessions, PEMF Therapy also known Magnetic Field Therapy can take your exercise to a higher level of success and bliss. What does PEMF therapy for Yoga do and how to integrate with yoga practice?

Doing Yoga after waking up after an energizing sleep using a PEMF system can help improve your universal health & well being. Benefits of PEMF therapy for Yoga include experiencing lesser strain and moving even deeper into postures with improved flexibility and better hand-eye-motor co-ordination.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy incorporates the healing energy of mother Earth, by supplementing your cells with electromagnetic fields that are close to the Earth’s magnetic resonance. Experienced yoga teachers can bio-hack flexibility, endurance and concentration by integrating PEMF therapy in yoga studios.

PEMF Therapy for Yoga

PEMF Therapy for yoga is good for restoring lost movement, stretching or doing Asanas, Pranayama (mindful breathing exercises) and meditation.This is the most natural way to align your brainwaves by en-training them using PEMF therapy to start operating in the best frequencies for powerful healing and restoration effects. You can finally tune your circadian rhythms to match the requirement of yoga or Pranayama.

It’s well documented that joints, muscles, hormones, senses and the mind too benefits from Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. When your body and mind are well synced and functioning better at the mitochondrial level, Yoga becomes more effective. Thus PEMF therapy for Yoga is sure to make the user feel more connected to the cosmos (both inner and outer) and thus in better control of their psyche & physique.

PEMF can be used to achieve better sleep and also a highly energetic awakening. As you open your eyes, positive energy is immediately felt after a night of pumping nutritious magnetic fields. Breathing improves and we all know that breathing properly is the essence and the life force of living.

PEMF therapy users have reported their ability hold their breath increase. The fact that yours cells are absorbing more oxygen results in immediate cellular healing and regenerative functions occur more quickly.

Use an alpha brainwave pulsed magnetic field to bring alertness and mindfulness before or after a session to feel mindful.

PEMF therapy for Meditation

Wake up early, 4 AM is the best time they say and begin with meditation or Pranayama. You probably don’t need to use it during the 6 AM stretching session, unless ofcourse you are trying to recover from a condition which could benefit from continuous use.

Whether you are chanting OM or AMEN, the vibrations produce brain waves which calm the mind and  optimize hormone synthesis. The tone has a vibratory massage impact on your organs. The vibrations penetrate the inner most tissues and nerve cells, blood circulation improves, up-taking good deal extra oxygen and the secretion of hormonal glands is likewise stimulated.

OM vibration generates electromagnetic fields which make you feel extra dynamic and glad, most importantly, this amplifies your capacity to visualize. Now imagine the benefit of PEMF therapy for meditation, by laying all night in an OM field, with no effort required to chant all night!

Experience True Healing & Cellular Regeneration, Be Pain Free with PEMF Therapy

When you have a back pain, chronic complications or joint pain, the use of PEMF therapy lets you heal quicker. From muscle tightness to inflammation and from hormone troubles to widespread pain, PEMF therapy and Yoga in most cases will result in optimized oxygen-rich blood in your muscle tissues, enhancing restoration in addition to release of toxins. Improved circulation means that your body naturally finds balance, rejuvenation and well being. PEMF therapy and Yoga support your healing both internally and externally.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a holistic wellness technology that’s beneficial to everyone.

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